Habitual COVID-Line Steppers

NFL comes down hard on Chunk and his team.

Jim Rome
November 06, 2020 - 11:46 am
Jon Gruden

USA Today


The Packers and 49ers were both missing players last night due to COVID. And that is just the start of the league’s COVID news. Matthew Stafford went on the list yesterday. So did Kansas City stud Chris Jones?

And that is not the end of the COVID news. As Jason La Canfora reported this morning, the Falcons are working virtually after a staffer tested positive.

And then there’s the discipline from the league. According to Adam Schefter, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been hit with a big fat fine for lack of mask discipline during the game against the Ravens. The team was fined $250,000 for not wearing masks and Mike Tomlin himself got a $100,000 fine for not wearing his mask.

That is a message being sent. And honestly, it shouldn’t have to be sent at this point in the season. I know the Steelers haven’t had anyone go on the COVID list yet this year, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to get casual and relaxed about your COVID protocols.

In fact, I would argue that it’s all the more reason to double down on it. If you haven’t had a positive result, what you’re doing is working. Don’t ease up. Lean into it, because cases are spiking all over the country.

But as strange as it was for the Steelers to be casual about this and get punished, it comes as exactly no surprise that another team is receiving an even bigger punishment.

I am talking about the Las Vegas Raiders, the habitual COVID -line steppers. Let me read you this tweet from Charles Robinson:

Sources: NFL will fine the Las Vegas Raiders $500,000 & coach Jon Gruden $150,000 and strip the team of a 6th round draft pick for COVID-19 protocol violations related to OT Trent Brown’s positive test in late October. Escalated fines/pick were due to being a “repeat offender”.

Half a million bucks from the team, one-fifty from the head coach, and a draft pick for continuing to violate COVID protocols. I hope that was worth it, dopes. But I know it wasn’t.

EXACTLY, WHAT THE HELL ARE THE Raiders are doing AND THINKING right now when it comes to COVID. Because that punishment comes after they had already been hit with a $250,000 team fine and a $100,000 fine for Gruden after failing to wear his mask properly early in the season.

And by failing to wear his mask properly, what I really mean is, wearing his mask like a chinstrap. 

And they were previously fined $50K for letting an unauthorized person employee in the locker room. Tight end Darren Waller was fined 30 grand for not wearing a mask during a charity event to benefit his foundation. And nine other teammates were fined 15K each for the same violation at the same charity event.

So this crew was already fined 565,000 dollars for Covid violations and then they go out and JACK IT UP ALL OVER AGAIN. AND Why?

Hey, dumbasses, we’re in a pandemic. Act like it. It shouldn’t take more than half a million in fines for you to wear your masks properly.

If you get fined more than half a million for COVID protocol violations and then continue to have COVID protocol violations, you are really committed to the cause of violating COVID protocols. Or you’re just really stupid. I would say that’s, putting your hand on the stove, realizing it’s hot, and then putting your hand back on it again. But it’s worse than that. But it’s so much worse than that.

It’s like playing chicken with a train. And if you’ve listened to my psa’s on that topic, then already, trains can’t stop. Let’s do a quick cost benefit analysis if you’re the Raiders and you don’t wear your mask. What do you get if win that fight. Nothing. What do you get if you lose” fines of over a mill and loss of a draft pick. 

And what do you get if you win? Nothing. And if you lose, you really, really lose. 

So now the Raiders are north of 1.2 million dollars in fines and they’ve lost a draft pick. And again, I will ask the question: why: for who, for what, what the hell for?

Do you not know the protocols or do you not want to follow them? Because either way, this is a big problem: and it’s moronic.

And speaking of problems when it comes to medical issues, that’s before we start talking about what happened with Trent Brown before the Browns game. Because that was a whole other disaster

If you’ve forgotten about that that was the situation where, according to the NFL Network, Brown needed a pre-game IV and there was a “mishap” that resulted in air entering his bloodstream and required an immediate trip to the hospital. If that’s true, that’s mind-blowing. A “mishap” is missing your off-ramp:   air going into your bloodstream, which could cause an air embolism, which could be fatal, literally, could have killed him, does not fall under the category of “mishap.”

They could have killed one of their own and they’re still cavalier as hell when it comes to COVID protocols:? Good stuff. Really good stuff. Right when you want to start giving chunk some credit; right when you want to say, maybe Chunk Gruden does have a plan, maybe the game hasn’t’ passed him by: maybe he can still make a difference and move the needle.  I want to say those things, but I can’t.  Because none of that matters if they can’t follow basic protocol and continue to put their players, coaches and staffers at risk: the same protocol that everyone else in the league has to follow, by the way: it’s not like you’ve been singled out CHUNK. Just wear your damn mask, baby!  You want to play?  You want to have a season? You’re the most competitive dude ever? Yeah, well, that mask is kicking your ass: so put it on your face, and leave it there.  Because there is a freaking worth doing that’s worth losing over a million bucks for: especially if that thing is putting on a mask during a pandemic: the thing that everyone else in your profession has to do as well.  Step jamming copious amounts of food into your face and put a mask on it.