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Jim Rome
November 16, 2020 - 10:23 am
DeAndre Hopkins

USA Today


Buffalo-Arizona was the game of the weekend. Maybe the season. Don’t take my word for it. Ask Blake Shelton who tweeted:

My god Arizona, what a game!! Congrats!!! I died, came back to life, bleeped my pants and hyperextended my scrotum all in 30 seconds!!!!

Thanks, Blake! Thanks for the mental picture. And I hope you were able to get some ice for your JUNK.

But he’s right. If a football game was going make you die, come back to life, crap yourself and hyperextend your scrotum, it was that one. Because it had everything.

It had Josh Allen turning into a wide receiver early.

It had Kyler Murray continuing to be the most electric player in the game making plays.

And then it had the action of the final minute in the fourth quarter. With Buffalo down by three, Josh Allen was doing work. And Cole Beasley was making ridiculous catches.

Allen moved the Bills down into field goal range to tie the game, but he wanted more. And he got it on this play.

Stefon Diggs, if you need him. That was an absolutely perfect ball and an absolutely perfect catch. And that’s not Diggs beating some scrub. He beat Patrick Peterson on that play, if you can even call that beating Peterson, because I’m not sure what more Peterson could’ve done. That was damn good coverage, but Allen and Diggs still beat it.

That trade for Diggs is looking better by the game, especially with him leading the league in receptions and receiving yards, and then coming up with moments like that with 34 seconds left.

That pass from Allen to Diggs was perfection. The Bills win and go to 8-2 on the season. Incredible moment for the Mafia. Their team is rolling and it’s time to start thinking about seeding. Just need to run out the final 34 seconds of the game.

Arizona gets the ball at the 25. They pick up 14 yards on first down and have to burn their second timeout. They pick up nine on the next play, but have to use their final time out. Then a short pass to Larry Fitzgerald who gets out of bounds, but the play used up 10 seconds.

Now there are 11 seconds left and Arizona has the ball on Buffalo’s 43. Roll it and do it knowing that Blake Shelton’s scrotum is about to get hyperextended.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that, and I still can’t believe what I’m seeing. That ball was thrown into triple coverage. There were three Bills players right there with DeAndre Hopkins and it still wasn’t enough. There are three guys there, TWO OF THEM PRO BOWLERS and HOP is still the guy who somehow comes down with the ball.

The only guy who could’ve stopped DeAndre Hopkins from making that catch was Bill O’Brien. Hey-o! He probably suffered his own hyper-extended scrote watching that play.  Or worse.  If there is anything worse than a hyper-extended scrotum.  

But seriously, remember when B.O.B traded DeAndre Hopkins? That trade was one of the dumbest deals in the history of the league at the time and looks ten times worse now.

As Kyler Murray tweeted right after the game: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiid..... Hop down there somewhere!

And Hopkins replied: Never panic

That’s the thing – it wasn’t a fluky play. It wasn’t like the ball bounced around and hit a bunch of guys and only fell into Nuke’s hands when he was lying on his back. That wasn’t the case at all.

He just went up and got it, above three other really good players. He just went up and single handedly beat three other alphas: just ripped the ball from three other grown ass men. 

"It was on three people. They were in position. It was just a better catch by I."

That was just a better catch by I. Or to put it another way, Hopkins tapped the top of his head in the postgame: "In basketball terminology, that's what they call it when somebody gets dunked on."

That is the truth. The painful truth. The Bills secondary just got dunked on by Hopkins. Hopkins dunked on them and on Bill O’Brien. Again. Every time he makes a huge play for the rest of his name, BOB’s name is going to come up.

But as great as the catch was, and it was incredible, let’s not sleep on the fact that the ball got there in the first place. Because Kyler Murray was totally nuts on that play as well. 

How many other quarterbacks can keep that play alive, show that kind of escapability and then that kind of ball against his body, that far and to that spot?!   Name another guy who can do that right now? 

And here’s something else that is amazing: that Kliff and Kyler combo. That seems like a no-brainer right now, when they’re tied for first place in the NFC West in their second season together. But it was anything but a no-brainer when Steve Keim and the Cardinals did it. It was ballsy as hell at the time and it is paying off in a big way. What an enormous swing by Keim and the Cards: and one of the smartest things ever.  

Now someone got check on Blake Shelton’s hyper extended scrote: and hit him with a new pair of pants: because apparently he crapped them.