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Happy Trails, Melo

There's a beach out there and you should be on it.

November 13, 2018 - 2:10 pm

Let's play a little game of "remember when." 

Remember when the most disrespectful thing somebody said about Carmelo Anthony was, Who would you rather have, Melo...or Kyle Korver? 

That was back when the Thunder were going one and done against the Jazz in the postseason. And Melo was getting Meme'd on social, when the following post went viral: "Who would've thought during the 2003 draft that 15 years down the line Kyle Korver would be a better NBA player than Carmelo Anthony." 

Melo played the best D of his life after he saw that Gram post. Dude might as well have done the social-media equivalent of slapping the floor after he saw that post. 

Dude squared up, dropped his hips, got on the balls of his feet and turned himself into Instagram's version of Gary Payton when he jumped into the comments with his verified blue-check mark account and hit that post with the following




"Had to comment on this one" 

And then the letters: "F.O.H." as in Get the F Outta Here."  

That was less than six months ago. That was late May, and being compared to Kyle Korver and having your postseason last just six games felt like rock bottom. 

Well it's mid-November, and now Melo's REGULAR SEASON is only lasting 10 games. 

Now THAT, is rock bottom. 

Yesterday, the Rockets official injury report listed Melo as OUT with an Illness.  I'm not gonna roll out and tell you that Daryl Morey or Mike D'Antoni or whatever team doctor makes those determinations is a liar. Maybe Melo was running a fever. Or he had a scratchy throat. Dude's sinuses could've been killing him. 

Or maybe it's what we all thought this was: A terrible decision from the jump. 

Marc Stein was on the show yesterday. He broke the news that Melo was, according to multiple sources, done in Houston. Today, Woj is reporting the same thing and that Melo's "reps are exploring possible landing spots" for him. At this pace, we're like two days away from Melo joining Jimmer Fredette in China.

Look, the worst part about this Melo story isn't that Melo is on his fourth squad in the last 18 months. It's that he's making everybody forget that he USED TO BE one of the best basketball players on the planet. 

Melo used to be a killer. One of the greatest offensive players in a pretty damn good offensive era. Dude has made 10 All-Star games. He's been an All-NBA selection six times. He's a scoring champ. He's got a stack of gold medals. 

In the last 18 months, he's also added the following titles to his basketball resume: 

Disaster in a No-Trade Clause standoff with the Knicks. 

Opt-in nightmare and potential Tax Deduction for the Thunder. 

Immediate write-off and waive for the Atlanta Hawks.

And, if all the reporting turns out to be correct, a TEN GAME DISASTER for the Rockets. 

I'm not hanging all of the slow start in Houston on Melo. It’s not all his fault. But that doesn’t mean that bringing him in wasn’t a terrible decision. Because it was. Dude has been struggling to even match his career-worst stats from last year. But that's who this guy is right now. Daryl Morey might actually be the smartest guy in the NBA, but even a genius can't change a dude like Melo after 16 years. 

And while I'm never gonna stop anybody from earning a paycheck -- especially a really nice one like the veteran's minimum -- we're at the point where even the jokes aren't as funny as they are sad. And you’ve been living off that one natty you won at Syracuse like 30 years ago and all those gold medals you gravy trained with the other legends of USA basketball.  When you were good, you were great, and you’ve had a good run.  And generally, the guy himself is the last one to know it’s over; the guy usually needs someone to tell him: someone to deliver the bad news.  So I’m here to help. My man, it’s over.  And actually has been for a minute or so.  It didn’t work in the end in New York.  It didn’t work in OKC.  And it really hasn’t worked in Houston.  And if it can’t work in those spots, it’s not going to work anywhere else either.  This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me, Melo, but…

There's a beach out there and you should be on it, Melo. Happy Trails.