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Hefty's Connection To Rick Singer

The gal from Full House isn't the only one having a tough week. The dude with the Full Belt is, too.

March 15, 2019 - 11:59 am

The gal from Full House isn't the only one having a tough week. The dude with the Full Belt is, too. 

Phil Mickelson hit Twitter yesterday afternoon with a rare NOT CORNY tweet. And it had more spin that his 64 degree wedge: 

Our family, along with thousands of others, used Rick Singer’s company to guide us through the college admission process. We are shocked by the revelations of these events. Obviously, we were not part of this fraud, our kids would disown us if we ever tried to interfere.


That's an incredible Tweet by Hefty. Incredible, because it's 100% NOT what this dude uses Twitter for. 

Phil wasn't hitting a flop shot over some dude's head from 3 feet. Or high-kicking over Chris O'Donnell. Or showcasing his calf muscles. Or clowning Tiger. Or dropping some lame Dad Joke. 

No, he was doing the exact opposite: He was using social to try and prove he wasn't a criminal dad, like hisu dude mossimo... you know, the type of Dad Bag who throws  his check book at a admissions cheat to get his kid into a good school. The Dad who will snap photos of his kid on a Nordic Track, then stroke a check big enough to tell all his friends that his kid got into this really prestigious school, when the kid had no right even touring the campus, much less attending school there. 

Let me be really, really clear here. I have NO IDEA if Hefty is that dad. I hope like hell that he isn't. Both for his sake and his daughter's sake, who is currently a student at Brown University? 

But dude saying "OBVIOUSLY WE WEREN'T PART OF THIS FRAUD" is a little bit of an overstep, considering this dude's track record of being a part of some pretty "fraud-like" situations. 

Hefty might not have stroked a million dollar check to Rick Singer. But he sure as hell did stroke one to the Security and Exchange Commission regarding Insider Trading charges. Hell, even on the course he's a little fast and loose, like that time he played ping pong by himself on a green at Shinnecock, and claimed he did it because it was strategy. Hefty saying it's OBVIOUS he had nothing to do with this is pretty rich, considering it's maybe the only thing that's NOT obvious. 

So I'll give the dude the benefit of the doubt. But not because it's obvious. And there’s no evidence to suggest otherwise. 

But, if you were wondering why it looked like this dude was cruising around Sawgrass yesterday shooting the 104th best round on the course with his mind on everything BUT the round of golf he was playing, now you know, why. Don’t sweat it, big dude. Nothing ever sticks to you.  And this probably won’t either.  Nothing ever does, eh hefty. Nothing ever does.