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Hilarious Plan, New York

The New York Knicks would like a word with Jay Wright. And here is that word: HILARIOUS.

April 13, 2018 - 1:02 pm

The New York Knicks fired Jeff Hornacek and now they would like a word with Jay Wright. And here is that word: HILARIOUS.

According to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, the team intends to reach out to Wright and a source close to the team believes he would be the perfect candidate for a rebuilding club. And me, Jim Rome, a source who couldn’t be further from the team believes that is the biggest waste of time ever, and as classy as Jay Wright, if they want spare themselves a helluva lot of embarrassment, they won’t even bother picking up the phone.

Listen, on one hand, I respect it: I guess. I mean, you’ve got to shoot your shot, right?. And if you’re the Knicks and you want to talk to Jay Wright, you might as well try to talk to Jay Wright. Just don’t expect it to be a long conversation.

The Knicks won 29 games this year and 31 last year. Villanova won 36 this year and 32 last year. Playing half the games that the Knicks did. I mean, honestly, why would he want to trade his smooth running machine in Philly for that long-running dumpster fire in New York? 

What person driving a Jaguar says, you know what, this is nice and all, but what I really want to do is drive a busted up AMC Gremlin with mismatched doors, broken headlights, and plastic wrap for windows? This Bose sound system is nice, but you know what would be better? An eight-track and these speakers that I found on the curb. Hell no.

The guy has won two national titles in three years. He’s got this thing rolling. Why would he go to the Knicks. The job he has is better than anything they can offer him. Yeah, I said it. The best thing about the Knicks is the building they play in. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kristaps. He is a true unicorn, the kind of player who comes along, well, never. But I don’t think Jay Wright is leaving Philly, even if Kristaps and Frankie Smokes were there to pick him up. 

And this isn’t to bash the Knicks, although I could certainly spend an entire show discussing the Knicks and the fact that for a team with an alleged rich tradition, they haven’t won a title in 45 years. And they’ve won a total of two. The Miami Heat have more titles and more tradition than the Knicks and they were almost named after a detective show starring Don Johnson. 

But again, this isn’t to bash the Knicks. This is to praise Jay Wright. As a person close to Wright said to Isola: "He told me years ago that he wanted to make Villanova into the Duke of the Northeast. It would take a lot for him to leave." 

Two titles in three years, they practically are the Duke of the Northeast. 

Wright has a plan. He knows what works at Villanova. He learned that the hard way, went to school on it, and came back as an even better coach. And he’s developed a system that’s so brutal and devastating, that people were complaining they were too good. So good that the rules of the game should be changed. And this isn’t a situation where he just won a title and an era’s coming to an end because a few players are moving to the NBA. They’re not rebuilding, they’re just reloading. 

You think he wants to throw that away on a place where coaches go to die? For who? For what? For more money? It would have to be a lot more money, because it would be a lot less control, a lot more games, a lot more pressure, and a lot more stress. And no guarantee of good results. In fact, if you’re going to the Knicks, you’re pretty much guaranteed bad results. 

But again, the Knicks should take that shot. They should make that call. Just don’t feel bad when Jay Wright doesn’t answer. I know I wouldn’t.