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A Horrible Julian Edelman Take

Ndamukong Suh has said some wacky things.

February 05, 2019 - 11:36 am

In the wake of Super Bowl 53, there have been a lot of interesting takes. And a lot of those interesting takes have been about Julian Edelman. There’s the one that he’s a Hall of Famer. Uh, okay. I guess.

Look, I don’t want to disparage the guy. He is tough as hell and absolutely kept them in that Super Bowl on Sunday… honestly, he’s one of my favorite NFL stories ever: what this guy has made of himself, given his size, and background and where he started is unbelievable to me. Especially given that he came back from that ACL tear the way he did. Granted, a lot of people are conveniently forgetting his PED bust as the reason he missed the first four games of the season. Let’s not sweep that aside. That’s not a small thing. 

But this guy’s heart, and and grit and grind and ability to make plays on the biggest stage can never be questioned: he’s had an amazing career. But is it a hall of fame career? I wouldn’t go that far. But guys I respect, who played the game at a high level, are saying he is. Guys like Boomer Esiason. If Boomer says it’s so, maybe is. If Jerry Rice says it’s so. Maybe it is. Just don’t tell that to a number of other receivers who have waaay better career numbers than Edelman and keep getting passed over for the hall. 

Put another way…Of receivers who have played since 2000, he’s just above Brandon Stokely in career receiving yards, and I don’t hear Stokely getting any Canton run. In fact, I haven’t heard Brandon Stokely getting any run of any kind in years. Shoot, Edelman is already behind Odell Beckham Jr. in receiving yards, despite the fact that OBJ entered the league five years later. Do you really think he deserves a gold jacket ahead of Beckham?

And I know what you’re thinking before you think it, Edelman Honks. JE11 isn’t about receiving yards, he’s about receptions. Fine. When it comes to receptions since 2000, he’s behind Jeremy Maclin. You know, Jeremy Maclin who was a really nice player, but nobody accused of being a legend. And Edelman’s also behind T.Y. Hilton, who entered the league three years after Edelman. 

Oh, and again… there was the PED suspension earlier this year, that apparently everyone’s forgotten about. I get that football isn’t baseball and there’s a different relationship to PEDs. For example, if Edelman failed a PED test in baseball, nobody would ever consider him for the Hall of Fame. 

But in football, some folks are arguing that he’s a Hall of Famer just a few months after he came back. It’s almost like testing positive for a banned substance was some kind of obstacle he had to overcome, like an ACL injury or being drafted in the 7th round or being thought of as undersized.

Again, he’s great. He’s incredible. I love the guy.  Other than the PED bust, I could not respect this guy any more: I absolutely love an undersized guy, a guy who’s 5-10, who walks around like he’s 6-3, routinely humiliating guys who are bigger, stronger and better than him; allegedly. Edelman. Steve Smith. I love guys like that. He’s tough as hell and completely changes that offense. And is a huge reason they have rings, plural. But Hall of Famer? Right now, I’d say no. But there’s at least a discussion there. Maybe even a good discussion. 

Now, I’ll tell you what’s not a good discussion. The one Ram Ndamukong Suh is trying to have about Edelman: ‘After the game, Suh said that Edelman is "an elite player, plays hard, found some holes in our defense in the first half and pretty much the third quarter. In my opinion, just thinking back, we eliminated him, even though he got yardages. We just have to not allow points to get on the board and give our offense more opportunities to score."

Uh, what? Did I hear that right? You eliminated him? He had 10 receptions for 141 yards and was the Super Bowl MVP? And you eliminated him? 

I know everyone is going to say some wacky things after a Super Bowl, especially when you play your guts out and lose, but saying you eliminated Edelman is an all-timer. 

If that’s eliminating him, what would’ve happened if he got loose? 20 receptions for 300 yards? If by eliminating him, what you really mean is that he was running free all night, then yes, you completely eliminated him.

I really don’t understand that take at all. Did he confuse Edelman with someone else? Did he make that old mistake of confusing Edelman with Wes Welker and Danny Amendola? Because the Rams completely took Welker and Amendola out of the game. They were total non-factors on Sunday.

But if he really didn’t confuse Edelman with someone else, then I have no idea what is happening. Because I haven’t heard a take that bizarre since Vernon Davis came on this show and hyped Tampa Bay after his 49ers beat the Bucs by 45.

Vernon Davis saying the Buccaneers were a great team after beating them by nearly half a hundred can’t believe how weird it is for Suh to say the Rams “eliminated” Edelman.  

Let me clear this up. You didn’t eliminate Edelman. In fact, you nearly completely shut down everyone on the Patriots offense, not named Julian Edelman. You were in Tom Brady’s face, you were confusing him with your looks, and the only thing that kept New England in that game was Edelman. 

If what you meant to say was, we eliminated everyone not named Edelman, you were right. But if you really do believe that you eliminated Edelman, then you are going to be in for a rude awakening if you watch the film. Because there will be some dude wearing a number 11 jersey and a huge patch of facial lettuce just killing your defense with crossing routes and out routes. 

The only thing more incredible than going from 7th round pick to Super Bowl MVP was being eliminated in a Super Bowl and still winning Super Bowl MVP. That is truly the stuff of legends. And if you can get “eliminated” in a game and still have 10 receptions for 141 yards and win MVP, maybe that’s a sign of just how awesome you are. And maybe you do belong in Canton.  As for Suh, he’s done and said some wacky things, but that is an all-time horrible take.