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How Bout Those Chiefs?

Kansas City 30, Jacksonville 14.

October 08, 2018 - 11:38 am

Kansas City 30, Jacksonville 14. And I’ve got just four words for you: HOW BOUT THOSE CHIEFS?

Because that was one helluva win. And that is the kind of W you need to see from Kansas City if you're going to believe that THIS CHIEFS team is different from the rest. The one good enough not just to crash the party, but to be the last man standing when the lights come on at closing time. 

Well, that's the kind of win that'll turn you into a believer. That's the kind of W where you stop and say, DAMN. Because on the same day that Patrick Mahomes finally showed he's human, the Chiefs defense stepped the hell up and showed that they might be for real. 

Don't believe me? Take a peep at that Box Score. 

If I told you that one team racked up five sacks you'd be wondering how many times Calais Campbell got his. If I told you that one quarterback chucked it 60-plus times in the rain and got intercepted four times, you'd probably be wondering when that gigantic dude from the Hall of Fame was coming for Jalen Ramsey's gloves. 

But if you want a statement, check out the one that the Chiefs defense made yesterday. A unit that was giving up almost 30 points a game, and more yards than any other team in the NFL absolutely laid it on the Jags. 

Five turnovers. 12 quarterback hits. A first half drive chart that read PUNT, PUNT, TURNOVER ON DOWNS, PICK SIX and INT. Again, if I told you that one unit when HAM like that, you'd be chanting DUUUUUUVALL. But instead, it was Chiefs big man Chris Jones going HOOOOUSE CALL. 

That's a 325-pound dude, shaking off a block, high-pointing a Blake Bortles screen pass, hitting the juke button, then pimping it into the end zone like an absolute boss. Two words: OH YEAH.

I'll be straight. The surprising part of yesterday's KC win wasn't the Chiefs putting up 30 on Sacksonville. This offense is built to score points. Regardless of who they're facing. 

The surprising part was the Chiefs D turning into absolute killers against a Jags team that annihilated New England just a few weeks back. Justin Houston was wrecking house. Dee Ford looked like the dude the Chiefs took in the first round, not the guy who struggled to stay on the field. When Chris Jones wasn't snatch-and-grabbing his way into the end zone, he was getting to the quarterback. And the Chiefs stood up to a Jags team that's made a habit of bullying just about everybody they meet up with. 

Look, I'm not saying that the Chiefs just transformed to a unit with Derrick Thomas coming off one edge and Willie Lanier, Buck Buchanan, and Bobby Bell lighting suckas up. But they don't have to. Just be dangerous. Be disruptive. Give Patty Big Gun and that crew of home run hitters a chance to get a breather, maybe a cup of Gatorade and then back to running in that track meet. Because if the D can just hold its own, these Chiefs are a legitimate threat. Play like they did yesterday and they may be the best team in the league. And yesterday they did a whole helluva lot more than hold their own. Mahomes threw 2 picks yesterday, no T.D.’s and it wasn't even a thing. Two picks, no T.D.’s and they still beat a bludgeoned a good Jags team. 

Now don't get it twisted: I'm not crowning these guys in early October. But I am saying this isn't last season. When the Chiefs were the last team in the NFL undefeated and then a month and a half later they were .500 and about to go one-and-done in the Wild Card round. You know, the thing they always do when they start quickly. 

Sitting at 5-0 and heading into Foxboro on Sunday Night, the Big Man and his young QB get to go into the Hood and Tom's house with something we didn't know they had: A freaking defense. And if they get outta there with a W, watch the hell out.