Howard Beck

The Bleacher Report NBA Writer talks free agency.

July 11, 2019 - 10:54 am

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All Topics: Summer of Free Agency | How the summer played out | Kawhi’s decision to agree to a shorter deal with the Clippers | Kawhi’s just leaving his options open | His latest article | NBA teams could do everything right and still sometimes doesn’t matter | Jimmy Butler’s decision to leave money on the table for Miami | Milwaukee should be concerned about keeping Giannis long term | New York Knicks summer | James Dolan

July 11th 2019

June 13th 2019

All Topics: 2019 NBA Finals | Crazy crazy series | Kevin Durant’s injury | Being at the game KD got hurt | Shaun Livingston | Speaking with Livingston after Game 5 | Livingston vouching for the organization | Game 6 tonight | Toronto’s mentality tonight |


May 24th 2019

All Topics: Kawhi’s game is reminiscent of Michael Jordan’s | Without LeBron in the playoffs, Kawhi is getting more spotlight | Toronto’s defense | LeBron’s playoff streak ending | LeBron not being in the playoffs | Draymond Green on LeBron | NBA Finals | Health of Kevin Durant


Mar 28th 2019

All Topics: NBA MVP right now | Leaning towards Giannis Antetokounmpo as NBA MVP over James Harden | Is Giannis the next face of the league | LeBron isn’t done yet | Milwaukee possibly hosting Game 1 of the NBA Finals | His piece on Dirk and Dwyane | The Heat losing to Dirk in the 2011 NBA Finals | Zion Williamson comparison



All Topics: Shaun Livingston | Livingston’s leg injury early in his career | Golden State winning its 8th straight game last night | The real Warriors will be ready come playoff time | Carmelo Anthony being traded to Chicago | Carmelo’s future in the league | Brooklyn Nets | Kenny Atkinson | The job that Shareef Abdur-Rahim has done as the NBA G League president |

Jan 22nd 2019


Oct 25th 2018

All Topics: 2017-18 Season | Rajon Rondo – Chris Paul fight | Rondo calling Paul a ‘horrible’ teammate | Paul’s former teammates perception of him | MJ punching Steve Kerr | Los Angeles Lakers started 0-3 | Lakers beating Phoenix last night | Piece on Kyrie Irving | Kyrie is a different guy | Kyrie and LeBron’s relationship |


May 21st 2018

All Topics: Nice dull conference finals so far | The greatness of Golden State | Houston not having the fire power of Golden State | Houston’s season | Golden State era | Houston’s window | The Warriors have around 4 of the top 15 players in the game | Trying to match the Warriors | Jordan Bell’s fit with the four all-stars