Ian O Connor


Ian O'Connor

The author discusses Super Bowl 53, Bill Belichick, and more.

January 22, 2019 - 9:31 am

Info & Stats: Author of Belichick: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of All Time

All Topics: History with Bill Belichick | Belichick in the aftermaths of Sunday’s AFC Championship win over Kansas City | Human Bill | Kansas City had the game won over New England | Dee Ford | Luck being the residue of design | This New England dynasty is the best in American Sports History | The job Belichick did this season | Reports about the friction between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick | As of March, Brady wasn’t sure he wanted to come back | If the Pats win could Brady, Gronk, or Belichick retire? | Tyreek Hill | Rams vs. Pats

Jan 22nd 2019

Sept 25th 2018

All Topics: Decision to write a book on Bill Belichick | Bill being a completely different person away from his job | New England hiring Belichick in 2000 | Wrote in 2000 that the Pats hiring Belichick was a bad decision | Bill Belichick – head coaching drama with the Jets | Thinks Belichick wanted to get away from Bill Parcells | Belichick and Tom Brady’s relationship | Brady outperforming the system last year | Thinks Tom Brady is the best football player ever | Belichick on deflategate | Spygate | Belichick’s future in New England | Brady’s future in New England | Belichick’s future after football