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The Big3 co-founder talks championship game, Melo, and more.

Jim Rome
August 28, 2019 - 10:00 am

Info & Stats: Big3 Founder

All Topics: The BIG3’s 3rd season | Joe Johnson’s first year in the league | Joe’s game is perfect for 3 on 3 | Rumors of Johnson going back to the NBA next season | BIG3 did Joe good | Melo in the BIG3? | Championship game, Triplets vs. Killer 3’s | Gary Payton’s ability to talk trash | Kobe’s comments on Shaq

Aug 28th 2019

May 22nd 2019

All Topics: Big3 | 3rd season of the Big3 | Getting new business partners | Talent coming into the league | Adding Lisa Leslie this season | Gender doesn’t matter | Hit songs | John Singleton’s passing | What Singleton did for the black community | Singleton made him a movie star |


Aug 21st 2018

All Topics: Big3 Playoffs | Nancy Lieberman having her Big3 in the final | Cuttino Mobley’s play | Big Baby Davis | Lieberman | Drew Gooden | Big3 going global | Championship game: Power vs. 3’s Company | Kobe Bryant’s physicality question | LeBron James joining the Lakers | NWA



July 6th 2018

All Topics: In Oakland with the Big 3 | LeBron is a Laker | It’s only right that LeBron wanted to play for the Lakers | Paul George | George’s decision to stay in OKC | Report of Kawhi wanting to go to the Clippers | Big3 Season | Cuttino Mobley | Corey Maggette | Nate Robinson | Jermaine O’Neal | CBD use


Apr 9th 2018

All Topics: 2nd season of Big3 | Big3 draft this week | How they run their draft | Xavier Silas | Silas playing in Big3 last season, and the Boston Celtics signed him this season | New players this season | Los Angeles Lakers 2017-18 Season | Lakers have work to do | LeBron James | Athletes on social issues

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