Jags Hire Urb

Duuuuuuvvvvallllllll! Its official, you’ve got your guy.

Jim Rome
January 15, 2021 - 9:17 am
Urban Meyer

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Duuuuuuvvvvallllllll! Its official, you’ve got your guy. And your guy is Urban Meyer. The guy with three national championships and a bunch of retirements.

He is now your guy, and I’ll be straight. While I have been critical of him and some of his bullcrap in the past, I have to say, there is a lot to like about this hire. I like it a lot for Sacksonville because of what it says about the team and the organization. They are trying to win. And they are willing to pay to do it. They aren’t going the cheap route. In fact, they’re probably going the most expensive route.

Because it’s not just about Meyer’s salary, which will be pretty fat in and of itself, but it’s also about all the other money and guarantees of support that he’s going to want in Jacksonville.

He was the guy Jacksonville targeted from the beginning and they landed their guy. So that’s big. That says something. That is a statement by the Jags. If they took that big swing and came up short, whoever else they hired would’ve felt like a total fallback. Instead, the Jags went big game hunting and they bagged the prize.

I’m not saying this guy is a lock. Anything but. I mean, how great college coaches have seen get their asses trying to see if their process and system work on Sunday as well.   How many of them? Most of them? But not all of them. The right guy, who ends in the right situation, can kill it, i.e. Jimmy Johnson. And the wrong guys who end up in the wrong situation get wrecked: i.e. Nick Saban. Steve Spurrier. Lou Holtz. So the question is, is Urb the right guy in the right situation. Maybe. This is a huge swing for the Jags, but if you’re going to take a big cut like, this is the guy you want to take it on. Because here’s what you’re getting in Urban Meyer: you are getting the rare guy who has won absolutely everywhere he’s been.

Yes, he’s also had scores of players arrested at Florida and a disgraceful exit at Ohio State, but if you want to win, he’s the closest thing to the surest thing you can get. And he’s bringing that reputation with him.

Clearly, this is a guy who has been biding his time, doing his research and waiting for the right opportunity. And of all the available jobs in the NFL now, this is the BEST opportunity and that’s why he finally jumped. Because it’s a really, really good opportunity. Don’t be fooled. On the surface, this is Urban Meyer taking over a one-win team in a small market. But in reality, it’s totally different. This is an organization in the middle of a hard reset. This is a complete control-alt-delete.

The old reality is the Jags are a one-win team in Jacksonville that has been the butt of jokes more often than not.

But in their new reality, the Jags are getting Urban Meyer. They’re getting Trevor Lawrence. They’ve got 4 picks in the top 45 and 11 overall. They’ve got 75 or maybe even 100 million in cap space, depending on which report you believe. So, if you were going to make the jump to the NFL, now is the time and this is the team. Because this team should be good.

Your two biggest questions as an NFL team are who your head coach is and who is your quarterback? And not in that order.

And Jacksonville has answered those questions about as well as you can, just this side of setting a time machine to the year 2000 and kidnapping Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

They’re going to be going into the 2021 season with the greatest quarterback prospect of a generation and one of the best football coaches of a generation. Not bad, not bad at all.

And if you are looking for a guy to build a winner, Urban Meyer is his guy. Yes, he’s great at identifying talent and developing it, not just in five-star recruits, but in guys who went under the radar as well. And he’s rock solid when it comes to X’s and O’s, and motivation, and setting the standard, and never deviating from it. That’s what he’s best at:  building a winner.

I really hesitate to use the word “culture,” the one word that everyone wants to use in sports these days, because if you look at Urb’s Florida teams and how he handled Zach Smith, I’m not sure that’s exactly the definition of great culture. In fact, I’d say it was toxic. But they sure as hell won a lot of football games in both places.

And he can do that in Jacksonville. Check that, he should do that in Jacksonville. He better do that in Jacksonville.

As long as you don’t puke all over yourself, this team should be very good. And if Urban Meyer is the winner everyone thinks he is, he’ll win there.Just not right out of the gate.

In fact, he might more lose games in 2021 than he lost his entire time at Ohio State and it’ll be interesting to see how he handles that, but at some point, he should win a lot. And if he doesn’t win here, that’s going to ding his legacy, no doubt.

The pressure is on. Whatever the Jags are paying him and everyone around him, they aren’t doing it to be competitive. Or to battle for a wild card spot. You do this because you want to contend for Super Bowls.

And Meyer knows that if he fails here, yes, he’ll be able to Nestea Plunge onto a stack of money, but his rep will take a hit. Possibly a huge hit. Because if you can’t develop Trevor Lawrence and win with Trevor Lawrence, that’s going to look pretty horrible for one of the greatest college coaches in the last half century.

And here’s the best part about Urban Meyer coaching the Jags – it’s not a college gig. Which means we don’t have to hear his sanctimonious garbage about molding young men and all that junk, while having one player after another get arrested.

And we don’t have to hear him claim that he’s quitting the sport because he doesn’t like the state of the game, when he was one of the leading contributors to the state of the game. And we don’t have to hear about how he claimed to have “significant memory issues” when it came to the Zach Smith situation, due to medicine that he takes.

Because in the NFL, all that matter is winning. And that’s what this guy does. Sure, he’ll probably still be sanctimonious as hell, but nobody needs to listen to it. And you sure as hell don’t need to believe him about it.

This guy wins. He develops players. Now…Can he develop an NFL quarterback? That’s a legit question since the track record of Meyer quarterbacks in the NFL isn’t great, but Trevor Lawrence is entering the league at a pretty advanced stage of development. Can Meyer take Lawrence and make him better? And surround him with elite talent? He better. Because if he doesn’t, it will be a massive failure and a massive blown opportunity. For him.  And for them.  It’s a huge swing. I like it.  Now go out and prove me right, Urb, and don’t be looking to bail when you lose a few games.  Because you will lose a few games.  In fact, you’re going to lose a helluva lot before it starts to turn. So this time, Urb, see it through.  Finish what you start.