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Jalen Ramsey and GQ happened.

August 15, 2018 - 9:58 am

Let me take you behind the curtain. I start prepping the show the night before, so when I come into the office, I have a pretty good idea of what the show will be like, what topics I’ll hit, who the guests will be, etc. And that was the case last night and this morning as I came into the office. And then something happened.

Jalen Ramsey and GQ happened. And it might be the best thing that has ever happened.  To me. To any of us, really. And before you get it into your heads that I’m just trying to pad my stats when it comes to leading the show with Jags takes, you could not be more wrong. Because nobody has ever, and I do mean ever, brought it the way Jalen Ramsey brought it with GQ. 

This was already a huge Jalen Ramsey house. Not just because of his game. Or his talk. Or his appearance on the show earlier this year. It was because of everything about Jalen Ramsey. And now it just got bigger. I put an addition onto that Jalen Ramsey house.  I’m adding a guest house to this Jalen Ramsey house. Because just when I thought I couldn’t respect or like this guy anymore, he shows up like THIS! 

He sat down with GQ in New York over breakfast on a day where he was going to hit up the legendary Dapper Dan in Harlem and then visit his jeweler in New Jersey. And even though his day was just getting started, Ramsey was already in full flow, starting with his opinions on some of the quarterbacks in this year’s draft class and those already in the NFL.

He got warmed up with Bills first rounder Josh Allen: “I think Allen is trash. I don't care what nobody say. He's trash. And it's gonna show too. That's a stupid draft pick to me. We play them this year, and I'm excited as hell. I hope he's their starting quarterback. He played at Wyoming. Every time they played a big school—like, they played Iowa State, which is not a big school in my opinion because I went to Florida State, and he threw five interceptions, and they lost by a couple touchdowns or something like that. He never beat a big school. If you look at his games against big schools, it was always hella interceptions, hella turnovers. It’s like: Yo, if you're this good, why couldn't you do better? He fits that mold, he's a big, tall quarterback. Big arm, supposedly. I don't see it, personally.”

Normally, coming out of a quote, I’ll react to it, but in this case, I can’t. I’m too busy trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. That was incredible. He just laid him out. There’s nothing I can add to it and I am this close to just reading it again to everyone.

Normally, I wouldn’t read a quote that long, but in this case, what was I going to cut? That’s all gold. And Jalen was just getting started.

And Ramsey isn’t all negative. He really liked the Lamar Jackson pick for Baltimore: “I think he's gonna do a good job. Especially with the [Baltimore Ravens'] offensive coordinator—he likes running quarterbacks, likes that read option. And just being honest about it, [Joe] Flacco sucks. I played him two years in a row. He sucks.”

Saying something sucks is not a take, but when Jalen Ramsey is saying Joe Flacco sucks, not once, but twice, that’s a take. A strong take. One of the best takes ever. The only thing missing from Ramsey saying Flacco sucks twice is, “did I stutter.”  Where was my man Jalen Ramsey when the worst question ever was being debated: is Joe Flacco elite.  Damn, someone just ask Jalen Ramsey so we can put this nonsense to bed once and for all. Is he, J? Nah, man. Flacco sucks. I played him two years in a row he sucks! There you go. 

And he wasn’t above not giving out love. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Marcus Mariota, Tyrod Taylor, you’re all good in Ramsey’s book. Same with Drew Brees and Deshaun Watson (“he'll be the league MVP in a couple years”), and you too, Carson Wentz. Kirk Cousins got some love. And Dak Prescott got a little as well.

Matt Ryan? “Overrated.” 

But what about Ben Roethlisberger? “He's decent at best… It's not Big Ben, it's [Antonio Brown]. Big Ben slings the ball a lot of the time. He just slings it, and his receivers go get it. He has a strong arm, but he ain't all that. I played him twice last year, and he really disappointed me.”

Jalen Ramsey saying Ben Roethlisberger “really disappointed me” is one of my ten favorite quotes of all time. And I’m not even sure it’s the best quote in this interview. That’s how good Ramsey is and how good this interview is. 

I didn’t want it to end. In fact, in my head, it’s not ending. I’m just repeating the quotes over and over again. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Jalen Ramsey any more than I do, he drops an interview like this. Absolutely legendary. 

And yes, Ramsey does acknowledge: that Roethlisberger is going to be a Hall of Famer and has had a great career. But just going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame does not guarantee entry into the Jalen Ramsey Hall of Fame, and really what’s more important?  Esp. If you’re a quarterback. Do you want the respect of all those who came before you?  Or do you want the respect from a young stud playing the game better than anyone else is currently at his position. That’s what I thought. I wonder what color blazers Jalen Ramsey would put on the guys he does respect. I know this. Ramsey saying Roethlisberger quote really disappointed me” might actually be a nastier burn than saying Flacco sucks. Because he obviously had no expectations for Flacco. He had some for Ben, and clearly Ben did not live up to them. Ben did not earn Jalen Ramsey’s respect.  And I get that every guy plays the game for different reasons. But get this: every guy SHOULD play the game to get Jalen Ramsey’s respect. I know I would.

Hell, if I put down the phone after coming on this show, and dialed in to CBS Sports Network and said, “Damn, Rome has lost a bit of his fastball.  He’s lost his edge.  I’ve watch that show twice. He really disappointed me.” Man, I’d be wounded. Third degree burned. And then I’d do whatever the hell I could to earn Jalen Ramsey’s respect and work my way back into his good graces. Because I don’t want that guy saying that about me. And nor should Flacco. Or Ben. Or Josh Allen. Because if Ramsey says it, it’s SO.

Week 1 is still a few weeks away, but the NFL season just started today. Jalen Ramsey kicked it off and it is awesome. Again, this is a big Jalen Ramsey house. But after that interview with GQ, I’m’ going to have to build this dude a freaking compound. Never mind an addition, or even a guest house: this is a Jalen Ramsey compounds, acres and acres and building after building on this real estate. All in the name of one Jalen Latrell Ramsey!