James Dolan Sued For Spending Too Much Time With Band

The CEO is jamming in a fedora and hitting the vape pen.

Jim Rome
May 02, 2019 - 10:55 am
James Dolan

USA Today


Last I checked the 17-win New York Knicks were not in the playoffs. So why the hell is their owner James Dolan back in the news again right now? Oh—right—his goofy little side hustle; JD and the Straight Shot. Never in my life have I seen someone’s misguided hobby get so much run. Do you know how bad a professional basketball team has to suck for the owner’s granola garage band to get more run than them?

For those of you lucky enough to not know what JD and the Straight Shot is—bad news: your good fortune has run out.

The guy you heard crooning right there is James Dolan—a.k.a. JD.

The assumed hostages providing the backing music are the Straight Shot.

Now, you heard me just a second ago refer to JD and the Straight shot as a side project. Well according to a new lawsuit—that’s not true. Because it appears the side project has become the main project. And a certain group of shareholders in James Dolan’s Madison Square Garden Company are not too happy with how much time the CEO is spending jamming in a fedora and hitting the vape pen as the front man.

Yeah; You and me both, shareholders!

According to a report from the corporate watchdog website, Agenda, a group of MSG shareholders filed a lawsuit in late March alleging that James Dolan is grossly overpaid as CEO and only works part time because he’s too busy murdering music in the first degree with JD and the Straight Shot.

The lawsuit points out that Dolan has been paid nearly 76 million dollars in the last three years while similar CEOs—also known as peer CEOs—have made less than a third of that over the same time.

The lawsuit goes on to reference that in 2017 the band performed 50 times in six different countries and 82 times since 2016. Which, of course, is 82 times too many.

But it’s not just the touring that the shareholders are bent about. It’s also the recordings. And according to the lawsuit, JD and the Straight Shot have made six albums and are in the process of tracking a seventh right now.

So the shareholders want this guy to get back to work and stop cashing 76 million checks to not be in the office.

I—personally—want this guy to do anything other than make music. By any means necessary. And if a group of people have to sue the dude into putting down the guitar and the e-cig—than you know what side I come out on.

The MSG Company has released a statement responding to the lawsuit calling it, “corporate harassment.” That statement is extremely on-brand for a company run by a guy who a called an innocent confrontation with a Knicks fan, “ambushing and stalking.” You remember that incident from March, right? The one where Dolan banned a fan from Madison Square Garden for telling him to sell the team? 

Kicking someone out of a venue for saying something Dolan doesn’t like is nothing new for the guy. Hell, he did it back in 2016 at a music festival when one of the seven people in the crowd interrupted his jam session to also suggest he sell the Knicks. 

So whether it’s at music festival, or Madison Square Garden, or in a lawsuit filed last month—one thing is clear: People would really like James Dolan to stop making music and sell the Knicks. Myself included.

But if history has taught us anything, it’s that Jimmy D will get the lawsuit thrown out just like all hecklers he’s encountered in years past. And he’ll continue cashing huge checks to do a job he doesn’t do to go make music no one wants to hear.

I just love that fact this band has become such a nuisance that it’s literally led to a lawsuit. And aren’t those the principle that this great country of ours was built upon: what our justice system was created to address: the right for any citizen to sue a super-rich d bag for making the worst music imaginable and destroying so many ears and lives in the process. Put the axe down, and release the hostages you’ve been calling the SHOT.  They’ve had enough. And so have the rest of us. Especially me.