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Jared Freaking Goff

Goff turned primetime into ShowTime.

September 28, 2018 - 9:19 am

Primetime football came to Los Angeles last night. Vikings-Rams. The half billion dollars’ worth of talent on the field. More than 1,000 total passing yards in the game. And maybe the best, most exciting Thursday Night football game ever. There was star-power all over the place, but I’ll get to that later, because last night belonged to one man and one man only: Jared Goff. 

I’ll get the details out of the way quickly. In case you didn’t watch it, the Rams beat the Vikings 38-31. 

And they did it because Jared Goff did the damn thing. Turned primetime into ShowTime. 465 yards, 5 touchdowns and a perfect passer rating. Dimes. Lasers. Rockets. Whatever overuse cliché for a good pass you want to use, you could use it for Goff last night. To quote Robert Woods, Goff was a straight baller last night. 

Want more numbers? 13 of 17 for 251 yards and four touchdowns. In the first half. 251 and 4 is a great game. And it’s a joke of a half. It was a thirty minute section that you might not ever see again. So let’s run it back because it included gems like this from Goff to Cooper Kupp.

And chased that by sprinting to the sideline for a chest-bump that rocked Sean McVay. As his coach said, "He drilled me. He got me pretty good right there. We were both excited." 

They sure were. Goff was amped: “I was fired up about that one because that was one we kind of had tweaked with during the week. And it came out again -- kind of just how we pictured it and wanted it to."

That was a truly monstrous performance. The best of his career and it’s not even close. And he did it against a defense that everyone thought was pretty good. Until last night. 

Here’s another number: he’s still only 23. The guy can’t rent a car and he’s absolutely owning NFL defenses right now. 

Remember when everyone thought Jared Goff was a bust as a rookie? Maybe you wait a second on that one. Because not only is he not a bust, he’s one of the best young quarterbacks in the game. Actually, one of the best quarterbacks in the game, regardless of age. Hell, check that too because I’m about to rip the MVP trophy that my man Trevor Pryce already gave to Patrick Mahomes and given to Goff. That good. MVP. GOOD.  That cat made every freaking throw. Used to be, not long ago, the Rams used Todd Gurley and the run to set up the pass; Gurley was there to take pressure off of Goff. Not anymore. Now it’s the other way around. Now they pass to set up the run. Now, everything runs through Goff. Goff is now their MVP. 

And Sure, Sean McVay deserves a lot of credit for Goff’s doing now. He might just be the best coaching hire since Bill Belichick signed up with the Pats. McVay’s developed an offense that is perfect for Goff and they seem to be completely in sync when it comes to play-calling and execution. An offense that no one else has ever seen before. 

We have to just make sure we respect Goff with the same intensity now as we were, when we were all burying him. Because all the great play designs in the world don’t matter if your quarterback can’t execute them. And Goff can execute everything right now. 

Tight windows? Yep. Moving the pocket? Did that too. Commanding the offense? Oh, most definitely. That was the biggest word from last night: command. That was a quarterback in total command of an offense.

“It felt pretty good all night. We're really clicking right now, and I feel good about where we're at."

If last night was the greatest of Goff’s career, that right there was the biggest understatement of his career. He better feel good about where the offense is and the rest of the league better be tripping. Hard. Because the Rams are doing whatever the hell they want offensively whenever they want, against whomever they want. It felt like every play could go for six. In fact, it was a surprise when it didn’t.  

The Rams are 4-0. They’ve essentially won the NFC West before the end of September. And they’re only getting started. Look the hell out, NFL, because Los Angeles is back. And they aren’t here to take part. They’re here to take over. Just like there’s a jam taking over this city. RAM IT!!