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Jared Freaking Goff

Let's be real: That was a Jared Goff win for the offense.

January 21, 2019 - 2:03 pm

Look, I could do THREE FULL HOURS on the yellow napkin that was zip-tied to the back-judge's pocket in the Superdome. But give me a minute to put some respect on the one quarterback who was getting ABSOLUTELY NONE in the lead-up to Championship Sunday. 

Jared Freaking Goff. 

Goff had the toughest assignment of any quarterback left standing. Goff didn't just have to walk into Nola and beat the Saints. Dude had to beat the Saints and do it with 75,000 Who Dats screaming louder than an F-16 jet engine. 

Look, every playoff environment is a crazy one. But I don't think I’ve seen or heard anything like that since referee Gordon McCarter asked Chiefs fans to pipe down and let John Elway hear himself think almost 30 years ago: 

That building yesterday was GOING OFF. Literally. Like pieces of the Superdome were spontaneously detonating. Tile was dropping from the ceiling. Whistle Man was painted up and straight up piercing ear drums. My man Robert Klemko posted a video from the press box of his bottled water and it was straight outta Jurassic Park. Only a T-Rex wasn't coming for the Jeep. The Saints Front 7 was coming for Goff. 

Be honest, Rams fans. When you heard that crowd and you saw the Saints jump on L.A. early, this thing looked over. Hell, when Rams punter Johnny Hekker had the same amount of passing yards as Rams quarterback Jared Goff after Hekker completed that 12-yard pass on that absolutely brass fake punt call by Sean McVay, you didn't see your QB1 picking up the squad and dead-lifting them to the Super Bowl. 

Goff didn't just play like an absolute boss. Dude did it in the most hostile environment imaginable.  

Let's be real: That might be the greatest 25 for 40 for 297 with 1 touchdown and 1 interception in the history of football. They had to put TAPE on his ear holes. He had to sprint out to his wide receivers, just so they could hear him scream. And this dude was spinning dimes and doing it under extreme duress. 

The Saints pass rush was LIVING in the backfield, yet they only got home ONCE. There wasn't an easy throw out there. And while nobody is gonna send a 5-play, 15-yard overtime drive that took 2 minutes and 12 seconds to Canton, the two throws Goff completed in bonus time were BALLER. 

Postgame, Sean McVay told Mike Silver: "I don't think most people understand how incredible that pass was. For Jared to have the presence to do that, in that moment, it's hard to put that into words. But that's what he does. He does not get rattled, no matter the moment." 

Let's be real: That was a Jared Goff win for the offense. Brandin Cooks had a nice day with 107 yards. Tyler Higbee made some clutch catches. But Todd Gurley was a no-show. Just 4 carries for 10 yards and two bad drops -- one that turned into an interception.  Even the Fat Back himself was kept on lock down with C.J. Anderson running for just 44 yards on 16 carries. The Saints secondary kept Robert Woods in check. 

You can call that dude a system quarterback all you want. But that System Quarterback just walked into the Saints house and ripped 200 Grr of cash from the glass case and a trip to the Super Bowl. And if you didn't know this kid was a bad ass before that brawl, now you know.