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Jason Garrett’s Market Value

I don’t know who Jerruh is trying to convince when he says five other teams would have hired Ging.

January 16, 2019 - 10:23 am

The Dallas defense wasn't the only no-show on Saturday Night in the Coliseum. In the aftermath of that ass-kicking Sean McVay and the Rams put on America's Old Team, one dude was shockingly absent when reporters came looking for a comment: 


If the Cowboys win, there isn't a reporter within 30 miles of the team that can't find Jerruh.

But not Saturday night. No Cowboys victory. No Jerruh comment. Until yesterday. Almost 72 hours after Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson ran Dallas out of the Coliseum. 

But if you thought a little time between the loss and a live mic were going to give Jerruh some clarity on what went down over the weekend, he waited less than a week to drop what will for sure be the most preposterous statement of the offseason. And it hasn't even technically started yet. 

And shocker of all shockers, it had to do with his head coach, Jason Garrett: "If Jason Garrett had been out on the market two weeks ago, he would’ve had five offers for head coaching. I know that."

Let me re-play that quote for you, just so you can fully grasp the impact of what Jerruh just said: "If Jason Garrett had been out on the market two weeks ago, he would’ve had five offers for head coaching. I know that."

"I know that." Uh, I don't.

Jerruh Jones saying that Jason Garrett would've had five head coaching offers if he were on the market is one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever heard. Hell, Triple G, Gregg Williams and his four "just show up and sign the contract" head coaching offers thinks Jerruh might be over-valuing the guy. 

Kliff Kingsbury. Matt Lafleur. Bruce Arians. Adam Gase. My Man Freddie Kitchens. What do all five of those guys have in common? They're all offensive innovators that the rest of the NFL respects. What does The Ging have in common with those five? Not much, other than a job title. 

Look, if Mike McCarthy can't get a head coaching offer after winning a Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers and have eight seasons of 10 wins or more, how the hell is Jason gonna get FIVE of them? If every GM and owner is taking a big swing to pair their quarterback with a guy who is going to make their offense elite, on what planet are teams lining up to fight for a guy who's had exactly ONE top-five offense since he took over the team.  

If Jerruh really thinks that the rest of the league is just dying to get their hands on Jason Garrett, then this dude is even more out of touch than I thought he was. 

Look, I respect what the Cowboys did this season. The Ging actually got that team turned around after it looked like he was gonna be clapping and gum-chewing his way out of a job by Thanksgiving. 

Jerruh did a nice job as GM this year. Leighton Vander Esch is a stud. That gamble drafting Jaylon Smith paid off. The Amari Cooper trade was a win. Moves like those make you forget how badly this dude wanted to pick Johnny Manziel and Paxton Lynch. 

But all of that added up to 10 wins in a whack NFC East and a NICE season. But last I checked, nice seasons weren't the goal in the Big D, Super Bowl wins were. 

Jerruh's first words after watching Sean McVay stuff the Ging in a locker was to praise him, then claim that five other teams would've hired him this offseason if they could. All that means is that Jace's contract extension isn't a matter of if, it's a matter of when. 

10 win seasons aren't the end goal. They're the first step. And if Jerruh's serious about doing anything other than stacking cash and building his net worth, then he's got to take off the blindfold when it comes to his coaching staff.

I don’t know who Jerruh is trying to convince when he says five other teams would have hired Jason Garrett. Obviously, himself, because no one else anywhere is buying that.  Not even Garrett. And locking this guy up and thinking he’s Jimmy Johnson and Tom Landry rolled into one, after a playoff win this season, sends the locker room and the rest of the world the message: that being good is good enough. As usual, Jerry’s not about the ring; he’s about making jack, getting people to look at and talk about him, and having a coach who won’t push back, won’t ask for any control and calling all the shots himself.  And if there able to mix in a play win over 10 years or so, great. Just don’t look for these guys to be playing in a Super Bowl, any time soon, or ever again. Not with Jerruh around.  It’s just not his goal. He hasn’t been since 1995 and he’s no reason he’s ever going back.