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CBS Sports NFL Insider joined Jim. 

Jim Rome
December 02, 2019 - 9:37 am

Jason La Canfora


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All Topics: Lamar Jackson’s play vs. San Fran | New Orleans hosting San Fran this weekend | New England Patriots struggles | Pats missing Antonio Brown | NFC East | Playoffs | Cowboys having interest in Lincoln Riley | Philip Rivers’ future with Chargers | Doesn’t think Rivers will be with the Chargers next season

Dec 2nd 2019


Nov 4th 2019

All Topics: Week 9 | Ravens handing the Pats their first loss | Pats struggles last night | Gardner Minshew’s performance in London vs. Houston being his worst to date | Cleveland Browns struggles | Baker Mayfield doesn’t look good | Drama surrounding Browns players | Adam Gase’s future in New York | Mitchell Trubisky needs to be benched |


Oct 7th 2019

All Topics: Redskins firing Jay Gruden | Expects Jay to be in Vegas with his brother next year | Redskins interest in Mike Tomlin | Mason Rudolph getting knocked out by Ravens’ Earl Thomas | Fine is probably coming for Thomas | Indianapolis Colts beating KC at their place | Jacoby Brissett | Atlanta Falcons | Falcons couldn’t get pressure on Deshaun Watson


Sept 12th 2019

All Topics: Antonio Brown sage continuing in New England | Drew Rosenhuas mentioning that he and Brown knew a lawsuit could have been coming | Dysfunction in Miami’s locker room | Lamar Jackson is the real deal | Joe Flacco’s injuries have worn on him | Melvin Gordon’s contract status | Sam Darnold being diagnosed with mono |


Aug 19th 2019

All Topics: Reaction to Mike Mayock’s comments on Antonio Brown missing camp again | Brown will report today | How much Brown has left in his game | Going to Pittsburgh Steelers camp post Antonio Brown was different | Less drama in Pittsburgh without Brown and Le’Veon Bell | Josh Gordon being reinstated again | Gordon is day by day and play by play with his future | Baltimore Ravens camp | Lamar Jackson | Everyone in Baltimore is all in on Lamar |


April 29th 2019

All Topics: Kyler Murray to Arizona | Josh Rosen to Miami | Dwayne Haskins to Washington | Tyreek Hill and the Kansas City Chiefs | 


4/29/2019 - Jason La Canfora