Javon Wims Giving CJGJ The Hands


Jim Rome
November 02, 2020 - 10:06 am
Javon Wims

USA Today


The Bears hosted the Saints yesterday and to say that was a weird game would be an understatement. Weird as hell would be a better way to put it. And the Bears as a team or even more weird than that. Weird is generally good. But not in the Bears case. In their case weird is whack: Let’s start with some facts – they are 5-3. They are in second in the division. And they spent most of yesterday’s game either with the lead or within a few points of the lead.

But it felt like they were getting destroyed. They were down 10 in the second half and it felt like they were down 100. The offense was so bad that there was talk of Nick Foles being replaced by Mitchell Trubisky. And Mitchell Trubisky is so bad that that talk ended. But that fact that anyone, anywhere, actually invoked this guy’s name in public, actually suggested they might be better off with him actually in a game, tells you how badly that game was going for the years. 

The game even went to overtime and it still felt like they had no chance of winning. Don’t ask me, ask former Bear Lance Briggs who posted his grades for the team on Twitter after the game.

Offense: D-minus

Defense: C

Special Teams: B-minus

Coaching: F

I hear you, Lance. Tough to disagree with any of that, but I’ve got an addition to that report card:

Fighting: A-plus-plus-plus-plus.

Because Chicago receiver Javon Wims carved his name into Bears history…hell carved his name into United States history… with his work yesterday. Carved his name and damn near shattered his hand. Twice. 

Wims didn’t just give us one of the greatest moments in the more than 100 years of the NFL, but a great mystery to figure out. Let me start by just rolling the clip of the fight.

So Wims was covered on the play by Janoris Jenkins. After the play is dead, he runs over to CJ Gardner-Johnson, goes to rip his mouthpiece, fails and then proceeds to punched Gardner-Johnson in the helmet.

And I’m not sure what’s better, CJGJ just standing there when he gets punched in the helmet or Wims punching him in the helmet a second time as the flags start to fly. At this point, I know seeing something that is not only one of the finest things I have ever seen in the NFL….not only one of the finest things I have ever seen in sports after being in this business for decades: that literally was one of the finest things I’ve ever seen in my life: not far behind the day I was married, the birth of my kids, mizdirection winning the Breeders Cup the first time against the boys, Shared Belief running California Chrome into the grrrouund and yes, Javon Wims putting punches together and bouncing them of C.J. Gardner-Johnson’s helmeted dome! 

Running up behind a guy and then punching him in the helmet is incredible. But the funniest part of the exchange is CJGJ’s reaction to the punch, which is absolutely nothing. He doesn’t put his hands up, he doesn’t fight back, he just stands there, like is this really happening? Are you all seeing this?

CJGJ had to be like, is this moron dumb enough to punch my helmet?

Did that guy just try to slam his flesh and blood into this plastic and metal object that is designed to protect my head from blows?

Did he risk shattered every bone in his hand against a finely crafted piece of technology and hardware that is the result of decades of research and millions of dollars?

And is he really going to do it a second time?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And hell yes. And I couldn’t be happier that he did. I never thought a dude punching a dude wearing a helmet would make my life better. But it did. 

Because, then it was on. Janoris Jenkins came flying in and jumped on Wims back and dragged him to the ground and the hands were flying.

And when it was over, Wims came out of the pile clapping and flexing…dude could not have been more l proud of himself. And trutfully, I couldn’t have been more proud of him either. Of course, none of his teammates felt that way. He might as well have just chest-bumped with himself too. My man made a complete idiot of himself on national TV and was all up in here like he just won the Bears the Super Bowl!

So what was going through Wims head when he did all that? What could’ve prompted any of this? Why would you run up on a dude and punch him in the helmet? Twice?!

Well, one explanation might be that it goes back to the previous series. After a play, there was some sort of exchange between Wims and CJGJ, and while they were talking, CJGJ ripped the mouthpiece off Wims facemask and threw it on the ground.

That’s probably over the line, but I have to admit, it’s pretty funny. For some reason, that cracks me up. Also, for the record, Tom Pelissero reports that Wims told Bears coaches that CJGJ spit on him in that exchange.

I don’t know if that part did or did not happen. Spitting on someone is hideous and grotesque and it is a reason to go, but if you look at the video, it’s not clear that Wims reacts the way someone would react to being spit on. If someone spits on you, you respond immediately, you don’t wait. If you someone spits in your face, you don’t file it away: that’s a reason to go and almost everyone in the history of the world does: and they do so right then and there. 

But Wims waited. He had to wait. Because as Evan Sacks pointed out on twitter, he was subbed out on the next play and just before the next play, Wims mouthpiece is on the field, and one of the Bears offensive linemen throws it away.

The Bears ended up punting. The Saints had great field position after the return and ended up kicking a field goal.

Then the Bears offense comes back out on the field. And on the first play of their drive, Wims gets his revenge. Sort of. Not really. In fact, not even close.

Wims got his revenge in the sense that as soon as the play was dead, he ran up on CJGJ from behind, maybe even shouted “remember me?” Tried to rip out CJGJ’s mouthpiece, then punched his helmet twice, got tackled, and got ejected from the game.

Freaking awesome. That is the best. Just so we’re clear, he didn’t wander over to CJGJ. They didn’t meet up again in a pile or at the end of a play. He sprinted over to him.  

I love that Wims was sitting on the sideline, planning his attack, figuring out how to make sure that CJGJ got his. And the best thing he could come up with was punching CJGJ in the helmet with his bare hand. And then doing it again, and then getting wrecked in a fight, getting ejected, possibly getting suspended, and possibly losing his job.

That is an amazing sequence.

As former receiver Torrey Smith tweeted:

Some thoughts

1. I have never seen anything like this

2. That was personal

3. He knew right away he was about to pop off

4. He could’ve broke his hand

5. He will get fined and probably suspended

6. This doesn’t make any sense

7. Keep some folks around you like Janoris

That is the absolute truth, Torrey. All of it. I’ve never seen anything like that, he could’ve broken his hand, it doesn’t make sense, and having a teammate like Janoris is good in a situation like that.

After the game, Matt Nagy said: "We've talked to him and told him that that's not how things go here. One of Javon's strengths is his character – who he is as a person. He's since apologized, but that's not ... You don't have that. There's no part of that in this game. Again, I still haven't seen it, but from what I’ve heard, it's not good. That's not how we roll here. We'll be talking to him."

Dude. If that’s one of the guys you. Hold up as a man of character, I’d love to see the dudes who have questionable character: I know he’s not a dude of high IQ: because that was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Awesome. But dumb. I hope getting suspended and possibly losing your job was worth that: although, as always, I know it wasn’t. Just know you provided me with one of the highlights not only of my career, Javon but of my entire life: just don’t go trying to deposit it into the ATM, because it won’t take it: in fact, that imbeciliciyt is going to cost you some serious dough.