Jeff Pearlman

The author talks about his new book: Three-Ring Circus: Kobe, Shaq, Phil and the Crazy Years of the Lakers Dynasty.

Jim Rome
September 21, 2020 - 10:11 am
Jeff Pearlman



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All Topics: New book: Three-Ring Circus: Kobe, Shaq, Phil and the Crazy Years of the Lakers Dynasty | Kobe Bryant punching Samaki Walker | 1996 NBA Draft | John Calipari and the Nets wanted to take Kobe Bryant | Kobe and his agent called Calipari day of draft and told him they didn’t want Kobe to go to New Jersey | A young Kobe at Sonny Vaccaro’s camps | Shaq coming to LA in 1996 | Shaq being bigger than Orlando | Kobe and Shaq first meeting each other | Phil Jackson arriving in LA | Mark Madsen | Banging on J.R. Rider’s door | Meeting Phil at a coffee shop in Montana

Sept 21st 2020

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