The Jets Are Horrible

Pats 33 Jets 0

Jim Rome
October 22, 2019 - 9:26 am
Adam Gase

USA Today


If you had any questions about how last night’s Patriots-Jets game would go, those questions were answered on the first drive. I mean, you shouldn’t have had any questions, but maybe you tried really really hard.

Maybe you were dumb enough to convince yourself that the alleged mastermind, Adam Gase would have something brilliant or special planned – he did not.

Or maybe you were foolish enough to think the Jets had found something against the Cowboys – they had not.

Because the Patriots received the opening kickoff and went on a 16-play, 9 minute, soul-snatch opening drive. A drive that was capped off by Sony Michel going in from three yards out.

Touchdown. Ball game.  Thanks for coming. The game was over before the Jets even touched the ball. And when they did get it, it was really over, because on the second play Sam Darnold threw a INT.

Somehow the Jets defense held the Patriots to a field goal and if you really, really, really wanted to work way too hard, you might have been able to convince yourself that the Jets had a chance. But they didn’t. And they proved it by going three and out. Then giving up a touchdown to fall behind 17-0 and then Sam Darnold getting strip sacked, giving up another touchdown, and chucking an interception.

It’s not that the Jets were bad, they were that. In fact, worse than bad. We’ve expected that. But I also expect them to at least compete. To at least show up. But they didn’t.  And that’s not just me questioning their professionalism. Well, actually it is. I am questioning how the hell that team doesn’t show up, on that stage, in prime time, at home, against the defending world champs, a rival who has dominated them in recent years. I am asking how the hell that can happen. And I’m not the only. They’re asking themselves that. At least defensive captain Jamal Adams is. He called it a quote, “embarrassing” effort.  And that the jets quote, “didn’t come to play.” Pretty much, J. The question isn’t whether or not they came to play: they didn’t. Question is, why didn’t they come to play?  And how the hell could that happen?

At one point in the first half, the Patriots had 24 points and the Jets had 20 yards. New England had more first downs than the Jets had run plays. Those are mind boggling stats.  But even the numbers don’t do this game justice. It was so much worse than that 33-0 beatdown would suggest. It wasn’t nearly that close. 

What an utter waste of time. And no, we didn’t learn anything about the Pats that we didn’t already know. Tom Brady could have pulled ten randos out of the stands and still beaten the Jets last night. The Pats are who we thought they were. And so are the Jets.  Only much worse. But I do have a one question about them that I have to ask. And I’m not here to go all shock jock or hot take with it either. This is a serious, legitimate question: Did the Jets quit last night?

Because getting cracked 33-0 in primetime and coughing up 6 turnovers sure seemed a hell of a lot like quitting. I’m not saying they did quit, but if they did, that’s what it would look like. Horrible offense, a quarterback taking a beating, and defense that featured missed tackles and defensive backs jogging after receivers.

Defensive lineman Leonard Williams said afterwards: "It's bad to just give up. I definitely don't see that in anybody on this team."

Quitting is the worst thing you can do in sports. Literally. Tell me something worse than quitting in sports. But honestly, I hope they did quit, because if that was them trying, that’s even worse.

And yes, I’m aware that Sam Darnold had a horrible game. I mean a truly, truly wretched game. One of the worst you’ll ever see. 11 for 32 for 86 yards, 4 interceptions, and a fumble. And a passer rating of 3.6.

I repeat: 3 point 6.

3.6 is a good GPA and a horrible passer rating.

The only thing missing was a Butt Fumble.

But the one thing he did do is give the world a useful mic’d up segment for the first time ever. Because normally the guy wearing the mic is just walking around, yelling mindless stuff like “Let’s go! Let’s play hard! It’s a great day for football!"

But Darnold took us to a very dark place when he said this “I’m seeing ghosts”)…I kept waiting for “I see dead people.” 

Man… that’s dark. On so many levels. And when Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy heard about it, he was pumped:

"He did? Ooh, man, that's the bogeyman. It's real."

KVN added, "That's crazy for him to say that. That makes it real, you know what I'm saying? That's crazy. ... I think it's just a testament to how well we're playing, to be honest. And we played really well tonight."

So. Is the Patriots’ defense that good or are the Jets just that bad. Yes. I guess. But it’s more of a case of the Jets being that bad. The Pats’ defense is playing well, don’t get it twisted; I just need to see that so-called domination against a team or teams that matter and that actually care: and Jets don’t satisfy that criteria. 

As for Darnold, he might have looked Kenny Stabler in his prime against Dallas last week, but he looked like any other young quarterback going up against the hood: complete confused, rattled and turned inside out. He’s not the first, he certainly won’t be the last, and it’s not all his fault either.

Crazy wears has to wear a chunk of that. That’s also on the head coach. Because clearly there were a number of Jets that were not prepared to play in that game. Not even close. They weren’t prepared for the Patriots defense, they weren’t prepared for the Patriots offense, and they just weren’t prepared to play football.

And that’s on the alleged offensive mastermind. The guy who just got shut out. The offensive genius who has them dead last in yards per game and tied for last in points per game. They are tied with the Dolphins for fewest points and the Dolphins aren’t even trying.

I’m talking about Adam Gase. And six games into his time as Jets head coach, it’s time to ask how many more games this team can take with him as a head coach. As always, I’m never looking to get a guy fired, but this team is worse, not better since he took over. And Sam Darnold, their franchise quarterback, is seeing ghosts.

I’ve seen enough from Sam Darnold to know there’s something there. I’ve seen enough to think he can be a franchise quarterback. I’ve seen nothing from Adam Gase to let me know he should coach this franchise.

And the events of last night and of this season with Gase are going to stick with Darnold and it’s enough to make you wonder whether the team is risking long-term damage to the psyche of Darnold by continuing this.

Adam Gase said afterwards: "Obviously, that was brutal. We couldn't do anything right. All three phases, we were bad. It was just a bad performance."

Correction: all four phases. Offense, defense, special teams, and coaching. Because Bill Belichick fitted you and yours for the world’s largest clown suit.

Gase also went with: “I didn’t expect that at all.” Really? Then you’re the only one. Because just about everyone else did. You trailed New England 20-0 in the second quarter earlier this season.

In fact, I’m surprised the Patriots didn’t get to 50.

Remember, Adam Gase was the guy who was saying in July that “We're going to play meaningful games in the end of November and December.”

That felt ridiculous in July and it seems insane in October. If by meaningful, you mean coaching for your job, then yes, that’s accurate. But there is nothing meaningful about what the Jets did last night or what they’ve done all year.

The only thing you can take away from last night’s game is that it made Dallas losing to those jokers look even worse.

How bad are the Jets? New England just beat them 33-0 and realized that their offense isn’t particularly good, so they went out and added Mohammed Sanu this morning. How much more insulting can you get? We just beat you by 33, not because our offense is good, but because you’re so terrible. Normally, you crush someone like that and you convince yourself, you know what, maybe we are good with what we have; and don’t part with a high draft pick to add another player. Instead, they know that win last night meant nothing, because the Jets mean nothing: so they did give up a high draft pick to get Sanu. 

Because that’s how bad the Jets are. And that’s how quickly they better start taking a good hard look at whether Adam Gase is the guy for this job. Is he making the team and your quarterback better or is he making the team and your quarterback worse? How many more games and losses like this can you take before you make a decision?

Again, did the Jets quit last night or were they trying? And if you don't know the answer, that's a problem. And even if you do, either answer reflects horribly on the coach; because the Jets are a disaster, they’re unprepared and they might actually ruining the one good thing they have; Sam Darnold.

It’s not just about Darnold and it’s not just about last night. Aside from a freak game against the Cowboys, where Dallas was banged up and clearly overlooked them, they’ve been in over their heads every time they step on the field. Guys not hustling on defense, muffed punts, everything about them is a team that screams “poorly coached.”