Jim Harbaugh

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Jimbo Takes Another Loss

A beat writer covering Michigan State just ripped the heart out from Harbaugh's chest.

July 25, 2018 - 11:39 am

Let's play a little game of Remember When. Remember when Jim Harbaugh was untouchable? Remember when everybody was going crazy when Michigan brought Harbs back home to Ann Arbor, when the Niners cut this guy loose because he was making everybody miserable and Michigan swooped in and moved heaven and earth to get this guy back on campus? 

They paid him ridiculous jack. They ate up every single thing this dude did. The khakis, the throwback gamers, the jugs of milk, the glove at the baseball game. Even questioning this dudes antics got you a clap back – I can speak to that. 

Well, we're entering Year 4 of Harbaugh at Michigan and let's just say that the shine is gone. Because Michigan isn't competing for a Natty. Michigan is barely competing to get on the podium in the Big Ten East. And a guy who was basically untouchable just got absolutely body-bagged at Big Ten Media Days. 

Media Days. Usually the time where a head coach cozies up to a mic, spits some clichés, and reporters lap it up. But not Jim Harbaugh. Because this dude was five minutes into his opening presser when a beat writer covering Michigan State just ripped the heart out from his chest. 

Check out this exchange:


I mean that was ruthless. That made "Bobby Ramos, Bottom Line" look like some dude throwing softballs. Brad in Corona vs the Canadians thought that was one sided. 

And after dropping a football field's worth of Agent Orange in the form of a question, all Harbs could do was spit out: “Well, the improvement, will lead to success, will lead to championships.”

I don't even know what that means. Was that Belichick? Was that Yoda? Was that something he read in a Mall Kiosk on the way to Chicago? 

I mean, the best part of his answer was the stunned silence that hung in the room before the guy running the presser could get his jaw off the floor and ask if anybody else had a question. 

If you want to know where the Harbaugh at Michigan era is, we're at the part where beat writers from East Lansing are dropping haymakers at Media Day. We're at the part where nobody's afraid to point out that entering Year 4, a guy hired to win a natty has just one win in three seasons against the schools two main rivals. We're at the part where nobody's worried if this dude's gonna make a run for the NFL, because they're just wondering if he's gonna keep his job in college. 

And after being practically bullet-proof, Harbaugh just took ANOTHER loss to Michigan State at Big Ten Media Days.