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Jimmy Butler’s Return To Practice

If you’re a T-Wolves fan, you might be fired up.

October 11, 2018 - 9:53 am

So, Jimmy Butler returned to practice yesterday. Normally an NBA player returning to NBA practice is not a big deal. And let’s be honest, it’s even less of a deal when it’s the Minnesota Timberwolves, but few NBA players have returned to an NBA practice the way Jimmy Butler did. 

Turns out, getting back on the court with his teammates for the first time since April was a thing. And since we’re talking about Jimmy Butler, you had to know it would be. He’s not happy there. And on the off chance that anyone there forgot it, he made sure to remind them of it. 

Woj reported that Butler was vociferous and intense throughout the scrimmages, targeting President of Basketball operations and Coach Tom Thibodeau, general manager Scott Layden and teammates, including Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, league sources said.

Targeting the general manager? That seems a little aggressive. But it’s actually even better than that. According to Woj’s sources, Butler yelled to Layden: "You f---ing need me, Scott. You can't win without me."

That’s tight. The dude stays away from the team. Demands a trade. And when he finally does show up, he F bombs the GM lights up the GM, saying you can’t win without me.  Trade me, dammnit! And you can’t win without me. Which one is it, Jim?  He’d obviously say it’s both. Like you can’t win without me, now get me the hell out of here?

And that’s not all. Chris Hayes from Yahoo has this: Screaming from the top of his lungs, Butler uttered taunts at his teammates, including “They ain’t [expletive]!” And “They soft!” league sources said. Most of the players knew the invectives were directed at Towns and Wiggins, sources said.

If you’re a T-Wolves fan, you might be fired up. You might be thinking, this is exactly what this team needs. Butler to kick some ass, challenge some guys and get everyone on the same page. You might think that, but you’d be wrong. He didn’t show up, and f bomb everyone in the building to improve the team. He did it to prove a point. He did it to get himself traded. And he Butler and four scrubs are beating the starters. And Butler and four scrubs beat the second unit that tells you more about the first and second team than it does Butler. In others, there’s no positive in that. It tells you the starters and second unit aren’t good.  Or they aren’t trying. Or both. Either way, it’s all bad. And Butler doesn’t want any part of it.

And at one point it got really, really personal, according to Hayes: At one point, Butler found himself guarding Towns in the post. After Towns received the entry pass, Butler yelled, “He can’t do [expletive] against me!” Towns ended up passing the ball out, sources said.

That’s not a vet trying to motivate a young player. That’s not Mike, or Kobe, or LeBron coaching up one of the young-ins. That’s your alpha, disrespecting one of your best young players. Punking him. And another example of jacked their chemistry is. Bringing Butler in was a mistake. They need to admit it, and move on. Instead, they’re butchering it. The guy has trade value, but the longer they keep him around, the worse it gets, the more unlikely they are to get anything fair in return. Because it’s clear now, and it should have been sooner, he can’t stay. And everyone in the league knows it. And if they’re not going to trade him, and he’s going down, he’s taking a few with him.

In other words, don’t confuse me being back, with it being all good.  Because it’s not.  It’s still broken. He told Nichols: “It's not fixed. Let's be honest."

Bottom line: Butler is an intense player, both in games and in practice. But yesterday wasn’t about not playing in a few weeks, yesterday was about making a point to the team. Point being, If you don’t deal me, prepare for a full year of this. Prepare for a full year of me eviscerating everyone in this building, including the two young Wolves who have yet to respond well to it. 

Of course, the T wolves don’t want admit the mistake; and they’re trying to maintain as much leverage as they can. So they’re trying convince everyone that this is actually a good thing. Check this. 

Stan Van Gundy told ESPN that he spoke to people in the T-Wolves organization and their main reaction was best practice they’ve had the entire preseason, that Jimmy being back energized people, brought more intensity.

A guy warns you that he’s going to be enraged if you don’t trade him. You don’t trade him. He shows up at practice and berates everyone including your two young stars. Then does an interview where he says nothing’s changed. And your reaction is: best practice ever?!?

Hahahahhaha. If by best practice ever, you mean worst practice ever, then sure, it was awesome. Do you really think anyone is buying that? Do you really think that’s going to juice up the Butler trade market. Now that’s funny.

Admit the mistake, and get this guy the hell out of the town before he wrecks KAT and Wiggins emotionally and psychologically. And ends two promising careers prematurely.

The only team that doesn’t know that the Minnesota Timberwolves have to trade Jimmy Butler is the Minnesota Timberwolves.