Jimmy D Bans A Reporter

What's next?

Jim Rome
June 25, 2019 - 1:23 pm
James Dolan

USA Today


If I told you that a New York sports team was hit with a $50,000 fine yesterday for violating league rules with media access—you’d probably think I was talking about the Mets. Because the Mets had themselves a day on Sunday motherbleeping a reporter, demanding that he leave, and threatening to knock him the hell out. So if I said that a league slipped a 50-grr bill under the door of a particular New York sports team, you’d no doubt just assume I was talking about Mets.

And, yet, somehow, amazingly, I am not.

Because while the Mets were at it with Newsday on Sunday—James Dolan and the Knicks were at it with the Daily News on Friday. And for all the extremely predictable reasons that you’ve come to set your watch to with this franchise and its bone-headed, musically-challenged owner.

In case you missed it, the Knicks lost out on the Zion Williamson lottery like you knew they would... Still, with a top-3 pick they were able to draft his Duke teammate, —RJ Barrett. Even the Knicks couldn’t screw that up; but they screwed just about everything else up, just like you knew they would. For instance, On Friday, the Knicks introduced Barrett to the media. Well—most of the media. Because left off the invite list and barred from attending was the New York Daily News.

I probably don’t need to tell you why, but I will.

Back in December, the Daily News ran a cover story on James Dolan urging him to sell the team with the two-word headline, “Do It.”

And after that wonderful piece of advice was published—the author of the story, Stefan Bondy, was excluded from two different conference calls that the team scheduled with the media. One call was a phone meeting with the team president, Steve Mills, and the other call was a media Q&A after the Kristaps Porzingas trade.

So this past Friday, keeping up with all the pettiness that James Dolan is famous for—the New York Daily News was again not invited to the RJ Barrett introductory press conference.


Only this time, the NBA noticed. And they slapped the Knicks with a 50,000 fine yesterday for violating fair access rules to the media.

In addition to the fine, the Pro Basketball Writers Association issued a statement calling James Dolan, “a bully who retaliates against legitimate news outlets that publish content he dislikes.”

The Knicks responded in the most Knicks way possible saying they, “made an error interpreting Friday’s press conference as an invite-only event.”

So either the Knicks are playing ridiculously dumb and just made their third error in a row with the same beat writer—or they’re admitting that if the event was invite-only like they thought—they wouldn’t have invited a legitimate local publication to be there.

None of this should be surprising to anyone. And James Dolan is going to happily scratch that insignificant check because 50-grr is a small price to pay to get his tired, old message out there: Tell me to sell the team, and I’ll ban the hell out of you.

If you love your spouse half as much as James Dolan loves banning people who tell him to sell the Knicks—then you have the best marriage ever.

Do I really need to play this guy’s greatest hits of banning? Fine. I’ll do it.

2016. Pilgrimage Music Festival. His goofy little band is playing to seven people in the broad daylight when a heckler held up a sign that said, “Quit your day job. Sell the Knicks.” 

2017. San Antonio Winery. Again, JD the Straight Shot murdering music in the first degree when a heckler gets booted from the venue for letting JD know what he thinks of his singing voice. 

2019. Madison Square Garden. He’s leaving the arena when a fan leans over the guardrail and tells him to sell the team.

And these are just the instances we have audio for.

Let’s not forget when he banned anyone on the Knicks and Rangers from appearing on any Entercom-owned radio stations because WFAN was once critical about a tone-deaf song he wrote about Harvey Weinstein.  

Or the time he forcefully removed Charles Oakley from the Garden.

This guy not inviting the Daily News to three of the most important press conferences in the last six months is par for the course. It’s to be expected. He’s a dope. And he should recharge the battery on his e-cig and just chill the hell out.

The Daily News isn’t the first to suggest selling the team and they won’t be the last.

What are you gonna do, Jimmy D? Ban everyone ever from the covering the Knicks?

I wish you would. The sooner I never have to talk about you again—the better.  And now for an impossible question: WHO’S MORE EMBARRASSNG? THE KNICKS?  OR THE METS?