Jimmy vs. T.J.

Just don't let Bloodsport get involved.

Jim Rome
January 09, 2020 - 11:09 am
Jimmy Butler and TJ Warren

USA Today


It’s been a minute since Jimmy Butler has been a topic on the show. But Jimmy Butler is a topic on the show today because of what went down last night. Miami v. Indiana wasn’t about Heat v. Pacers, it was about Jimmy Butler v. TJ Warren.

Now, if I’m being honest, before last night, I did not know that Jimmy Butler and TJ Warren was a thing. But it is definitely a thing now. 

In the third quarter of last night’s game, Butler had the ball and well, just roll it. 

It was a hard-ish foul, but not the hardest foul ever. Not even close. But Butler didn’t like it at all, especially the part where Warren grabbed him by the arm and spun him around. And Butler got right into Warren.

They were separated, but that didn’t stop them from talking. There were a lot of obscenities, and a great camera shot of Butler yelling “you’re bleeping trash!” At Warren. And yelling “I’m tough” and then Warren appearing to gesture that they should step outside. Which is awesome. Well, awesome if you enjoy two supremely conditioned, world class athletes and alphas threatening to give each other the hands in front of nearly 20 thousand people. Or even if they didn’t do that, but instead met in the tunnel leading back to the locker rooms…or on the loading dock in their streets: now we’re getting somewhere.  Except it never came to that.  Instead,  

Double technicals were handed out and I would like to say cooler heads prevailed. 

But luckily….they didn’t!  Not at all. Not even for a second. Because one play later, this happened.

Just to recap the visuals on that: Warren draws an offensive foul on Butler and then starts clapping in Jimmy’s ears. He gets tossed for that, but he’s still jawing with Jimmy. And Butler then starts blowing kisses to him. 

And then Warren flipped him off before leaving the court. That is outstanding. Excellent work all around. Because it’s not like the Pacers and Heat are traditional rivals. I mean sure, back when Roy Hibbert and Paul George were taking on the Heatles, there was some fire there, but it had gone out recently.

Not anymore. Not when guys are getting into it on the court, yelling at each other, clapping in each other’s ears, blowing kisses, and flipping each other off.  And calling each other bleeping trash.

And it wasn’t done there. Because Butler had thoughts after the game. And those thoughts were awesome.

There’s this: "He's soft. He's soft. He's not even in my bleeping league.” 

And there’s: “If I was their coach I would never put him on me ever again. Like no, put somebody else on me, because I'm going to tear that ass up every time.”

And there’s the closer: “When I say that he’s trash, I mean that. He’s not in my league and I take it as disrespect if you ever put him on me.”

I haven’t seen a guy talk about another guy being trash like that since Pacman Jones destroyed Terelle Pryor in a postgame interview. 

That was the time where Pacman was asked a number of questions about Pryor and kept answering “Suck. What else?” And called him “garbage” and then grabbed a real trash can, pretended to look for Pryor in there and yelled “"Hey, you in there? You in there?" (best trash angle ever from a pro athlete).

And then there’s Butler hopping on Instagram after the game, screenshotting Miami’s schedule and circling March 20th in Indianapolis. And then chasing that with the caption: 

“@t.warren1 don’t be mad you can’t guard me. We will see what you about in March.”

We will see what everyone’s about in March. Again, Friday, March 20th, Indianapolis. 7pm Eastern. To quote Bartholomew Scott: can’t wait. 

And some of you dopes want to say that NBA regular season games don’t matter. They do when Jimmy Butler and TJ Warren are playing. And they definitely do when you insult Butler by putting Warren on him. And they do when Butler is call Warren bleeping trash and blowing kisses at him and after Warren flipped him off.  Don’t ever change, Jimmy. I know you won’t. And that’s awesome.