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Joe Flacco Traded To Broncos

Now John Elway can thank John Elway for bringing in Joe Flacco.

February 13, 2019 - 9:26 am

Breaking news this morning. Denver has a new quarterback. Adam Schefter tweeted Breaking: Baltimore has agreement in principle to trade former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco to the Broncos, league sources told ESPN. Trade cannot be processed until new NFL league year begins Wednesday, March 13. Teams prohibited from commenting on deal or terms surrounding it.

Makes sense. Makes complete sense. This is a deal that had been rumored for a while and while official compensation hasn’t been announced, the expectation is that it will be for a mid-round pick. 

The Broncos need a new quarterback and the Ravens don’t need Joe Flacco. Baltimore’s going all in on Lamar Jackson and Denver is going all in on Joe Flacco. Maybe. Sort of. Hard to tell. Because they’ve appeared to have gone all in on a bunch of quarterbacks over the years, only to move on pretty quickly, but more on that in a second. 

Here’s what I do know: Gary Kubiak, who is still has a strong relationship with Elway, was with Flacco in Baltimore. When Kubiak was in Baltimore and everyone wondered whether Joe Flacco was elite, nobody banged the drum harder for Flacco than Kubiak and Joe Flacco himself. 

And while there are expected to be a bunch of teams looking for a quarterback and a bunch of quarterbacks on the move, the Broncos wanted to get out in front of teams like Jacksonville and Miami and apparently wanted Flacco more than someone like Nick Foles.  

And this deal also represents the perfect marriage of two great drops. 

Joe Flacco’s “HEY!”

And John Elway’s “Thank you to John Elway”

Now John Elway can thank John Elway for bringing in Joe Flacco. And he better work out. Because the position that Elway dominated has been the one that he can’t figure out.  It makes almost no sense: how does one of the greatest q.b.’s ever, have so much trouble picking and assessing the talent and potential of quarterbacks.  What is that? 

Remember when Elway dumped Tim Tebow and did it so smoothly and successfully?  And looked like a freaking genius for doing so: for having the stones to do the right thing: and dumping Tebow was the right thing.  Especially since he did it to bring in Peyton Manning. And then he won a Super Bowl with Manning? Again…a genius. 

The Manning gassed out.  And so did Elway in trying to select his successor…, the list of Broncos starting quarterbacks has been long and undistinguished. It’s been one swing and a miss after another:

Brock Osweiler 

Trevor Siemian

Paxton Lynch

Brock Osweiler again

Case Keenum

And now Joe Flacco.

That’s a lot of quarterbacks and a lot of bad quarterbacking in not much time. There have been first round busts like Lynch, late round picks who were hyped as genius picks and then turned out to be anything like Siemian. And offseason acquisitions like Keenum, who was supposed to solve everything last year. And clearly it didn’t, because they’re making another move at quarterback.

So,,,,,, Is Flacco an upgrade? Hard to say. Really, really hard to say. In fact, pretty much impossible to say. 

His numbers and Keenum’s numbers aren’t that far apart. In fact, they’re practically identical over the last few years. But Flacco is taller, so I guess that’s something. Maybe. Kind of. Sort of. Not really. 

Flacco is not the same guy he was five years ago. And his numbers have been in a nosedive ever since.

Bottom line:

So if you’re a Bronco fan, you better hope that the guy who was benched in Baltimore is better in Denver.  If not, he might be the next q..b shown the door.