Joe Kelly

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Joe Kelly

The Boston Red Sox pitcher talks about winning the World Series, free agency, and more.

November 12, 2018 - 2:03 pm

Info & Stats:  Boston Red Sox Pitcher

All Topics: 2018 World Series champions | Game 5 of World Series at Dodger Stadium | David Price | Price being his favorite player | Playing in Boston | Ups and downs of the season | Alex Cora | Cora handling him early in the season |

Nov 12th 2018

Sept 13th 2018

All Topics: David Price’s dominance since the All-Star break | Price is a strike thrower | Win number 100 for the team | Alex Cora | Being traded to Boston | Pitching in Boston | City of Boston | Corona, CA roots | 909 | Riverside, CA time | Wants to hit in the World Series | Draft day drinking some Jager and the Angels calling him | St. Louis drafting him


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