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Joe Kelly Is Coming Home

The Dodgers ripped the headlines from everyone with the news that they have made a huge addition to their pitching staff.

December 13, 2018 - 9:38 am

Yep, the Dodgers ripped the headlines from everyone with the news that they have made a huge addition to their pitching staff. I’m talking about the news that The Athletic broke that World Series champion Joe Kelly has reportedly signed with the Dodgers for three years, 25 million dollars.

Party at Oggi’s! 

Because the Pride of Corona High School, the King of Riverside is coming home. I could not love that deal any more than I do. The dude who grew up skateboarding in SoCal is now going to be pitching in Dodger Stadium. 

Did you see Kelly in the postseason and the World Series? He was unhittable. That fastball was nasty and the only thing nastier than his triple digit heater is his attitude. He is intense. He’s been on the biggest stage in baseball and thrived.

And the thing is, he had some tough moments during the regular season last year. He had some times where he could’ve let it all slip away, but he didn’t. He turned it around and was a beast when he was needed most. 

Brass doesn’t do Joe Kelly justice. This is a dude who rolled to the mound last season to the remixed sounds of that Walmart Yodeling Kid. 

If you’re an opposing hitter and you see a guy coming to the mound with that music and Joe Kelly’s arm, you know you’re in trouble. And if you’re New York Yankee Tyler Austin, you most definitely were in trouble.

Kelly, defending his teammates, hit Austin. Austin banged his bat in the dirt, and Kelly waved at him and yelled “Let’s go!”

Austin charged the mound and Kelly started connecting with Austin’s head. Kelly was a pitcher who became a legend. He was dropping the puck at Bruins games and spending some of his six game suspension in the Fenway bleachers. That’s exactly what the Dodgers need. An arm and an attitude.

And Kelly had both on display in the postseason. Pitching in the World Series in the stadium that’s a few miles from where you grew up, wearing a visiting uniform, should be incredibly tough, but Joe Kelly made it look easy. 

One earned run, 13 strikeouts, zero walks in 11 1/3 postseason innings, including six scoreless innings against the Dodgers in the World Series. 

You think that might be a nice bridge to Kenley Jansen? I’d say so. Certainly a lot better than what the Dodgers set-up men were doing in the World Series, when they insisted on giving up runs just about every time they entered the game.  

Welcome home, Joe Kelly. I’m on record with 818 for life…but Joe Kelly makes me wish I was born and raised up in the 909.   The king is coming home.  And I’ll be at the airport waiting for you brother!