John Smoltz

The Hall of Fame pitcher talks Verlander, Twins, and more.

Jim Rome
September 03, 2019 - 11:21 am

Info & Stats: Hall of Famer And Current Analyst

All Topics: 2019 Minnesota Twins might be the story of the year | The Twins are going to hit over 300 home runs this season, and they don’t strike out a lot | Boston Red Sox | Doesn’t think Boston has the pitching to make the playoffs | Depth of the New York Yankees is amazing | Starting pitching for the Yankees needs to step up | Justin Verlander’s no hitter | Verlander is a freak, not a lot of young guys can become him | Houston is the team to beat | Houston’s staff

Sept 3rd 2019

July 9th 2019

All Topics: Pitching in the All-Star game | Young players are not afraid any longer | Tonight’s game | NL lineup | So many story lines tonight | Justin Verlander’s “juicing” baseballs comments | Golf | 30th Annual American Century Championship