Jon Jones Blames COVID-19 For DWI

Get help. Please. Before you hurt ONE OF US.

Jim Rome
April 01, 2020 - 9:30 am
Jon Jones

USA Today


In the wake of his arrest on Thursday, Jon Jones agreed to plead guilty to DWI yesterday and will not face jail time, provided he abides by the terms of the plea agreement.

Jones was initially arrested on four charges: DWI, negligent use of a deadly weapon, no proof of insurance, and possession of an open container. The last three charges were dropped as part of the agreement.

Jones will serve four days in a county Community Custody Program, which is similar to house arrest, pay a five hundred dollar fine, complete 48 hours of community service, and take part in a 90-day outpatient treatment program.

There will also be an ignition interlock on his vehicle, meaning that he will have to take a BAC test in order to drive.

Jones released a statement as well. Here is the first sentence: "While we all work to understand and cope with stress and uncertainties surrounding the current state of our world, I want to express how truly disappointed I am that I have become the source of a negative headline again, especially during these trying times.”

I’m sorry, did he just start his statement about being arrested for DWI and allegedly firing a gun with some sort of reference to COVID-19? I’m pretty sure he did.

I’m pretty sure the guy who had roughly his billionth embarrassing incident away from the cage, AGAIN OWNED NOTHING, AND just tried to pass it off as coping with the stress and uncertainties surrounding the current state of our world.

I have the utmost sympathy and respect for anyone who is battling with substance abuse issues. It is an enormous battle. But you cannot connect your arrest to COVID-19. You simply can’t.

First of all, it’s not like these problems just started for Jones in the last few months. It has been years of this bleep.

The global pandemic didn’t force you to drink. Or get in a car. And fire off a gun, allegedly. That’s not on COVID-19.

You can blame COVID-19 for a lot of things and for completely altering life as we know it, but you can’t blame it for Jon Jones GOING JON JONES AND  doing reckless bleep.  AGAIN. What’s he going to blame his next DWI on? Climate change??

This isn’t about Covid 1) this is about Jon Jones. This is all on Jon Jones. This is a guy who’s been stripped of his title three times. This is his second DWI. He has an arrest for a hit and run and felony drug possession and in October, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after allegedly slapping a waitress.

So if you’re that guy, with that history, and you plead guilty to another crime, if you’re going to issue a statement about it, own it. Apologize for it, mean it, promise it will never happen again. And keep COVID-19’s name out of your mouth.

When it comes to issuing statements like this, what people want to see is that you know what you did was wrong, you’re accepting responsibility, and taking steps to change.

And this dope just starts out with a veiled reference to a global pandemic.

And it doesn’t get much better from there. Because the second half of that first sentence is “I want to express how truly disappointed I am that I have become the source of a negative headline again” which is a pretty passive way of attempting to take ownership, and then capping it off with “especially during these trying times.”

Putting it right back on COVID-19 again.

Here’s the next sentence: "I am disappointed for letting down the people I care about the most, my family, friends and my fans.”

That’s fine. At least he didn’t mention a global pandemic in that sentence.

Now on to the next sentence: "I accept full responsibility for my actions and I know that I have some personal work to do to which involves the unhealthy relationship I have with alcohol.”

Well, no, not only have you not accepted full responsibility: you haven’t ANY responsibility: not if you’re blaming the virus on your reckless and moronic behavior: not if you’re expressing disappointment that someone had the audacity to put you in the headlines, again, during this troubling time.

Finally in the second half of that sentence, we get to something that might be significant when he says “I know that I have some personal work to do to which involves the unhealthy relationship I have with alcohol.”

That could be promising. If you actually do the work. So what are we talking about here?  What kind of work? What kind of steps will he be taking to address his unhealthy relation with alcohol? Counseling? Extensive treatment? What? Let’s see if the next sentence tells us.

“I have dedicated so much time and energy to improve my community and I will not allow this personal setback to hinder my work within the community when we need it most.”

Huh?!? What?!? I don’t even understand what that sentence is doing in this statement.

Are you using a statement about pleading guilty to DWI to brag about your work in the community? Seriously? Why? What does that have to do with anything? Besides, the only work in the community anyone is thinking about now, is you giving behind the wheel of your car blasted, and firing off a gun (allegedly) IN THE COMMUNITY.


YOU’RE GOING TO CONTINUE DOING WORK IN THE COMMUNITY? YEAH, NO BLEEP, JON. Of course you are: because it’s going to keep you out of the slam.   , your guilty plea includes a requirement that you complete 48 hours of community service. You don’t get a medal for that. You get to avoid going to jail for that.

And again, don’t sleep on that “when we need it most” part of that sentence, because again, he’s framing all of this with COVID-19, like that has anything to do with anything, other than to illustrate what a dumbass he was for being out, drinking, and allegedly firing off a gun when everyone is supposed to be staying at home.

He closes out this disaster of a statement with: “I truly appreciate the support I have received from the community of Albuquerque and all my fans around the world. I very much look forward to putting this behind me. Thanks you all for your continued love and support and please take care of yourselves."

Okay, whatever, Jon. Look, as I’ve said before, I have nothing but respect for people who are dealing with substance issues and are working with those issues and trying to confront them head on. But this statement wasn’t that. This statement was a complete mess. It claimed to be taking ownership, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t about looking to make things right or improve, it was talking about a global pandemic and his work in the community. And both of those things were completely out of place.

HE took what should’ve been a statement acknowledging a problem and turned it into a time to blame COVID-19 and hype his community service.

It’s only a statement and Jones should be judged on his actions going forward, but when you look at that statement, it doesn’t give you much hope that this guy is going to get it right. You’ve got a problem, Jon. Get help. Please. Before you hurt ONE OF US.