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Is that guy 22 or 52?

April 19, 2019 - 11:23 am

In case you didn’t know, the NFL Draft starts next Thursday, which means by this time next week, we should know where Josh Rosen will be playing football. Will the Arizona Cardinals take Kyler Murray number one overall and trade Rosen? Will they take Murray number one overall and keep Rosen? Or will they take a defensive lineman and keep Rosen?

You’re listening to this and thinking, damn, can’t we just fast-forward to the draft so that question can be answered? Can’t we just get to the point where nobody cares one way or the other whether Josh Rosen is included in team hype video or not?

Did the fact that he wasn’t included in the hype video mean they’re going to trade him? Does it mean that they haven’t made up their mind? Or was it an oversight? Is it possible to make an oversight like that? But then, what does the fact that Rosen was included in the follow-up hype video mean?

And what about the fact that Kyler Murray was meeting with other teams? What does that mean? Does that mean that Arizona isn’t going to take him? Or was that a smokescreen? Is any of  this real life?

Those have been the questions for weeks now. And if you’re  tired of hearing about them, just imagine how the hell Josh Rosen must feel. Because for you and I, it’s a talking point, a conversation piece.

For Josh Rosen, it’s his life. And every day, no every hour, someone is coming up with some new theory or new report about his life and his future.

So what do you do in the middle of all this? Well, if you’re Josh Rosen, you get an RV, get some buddies, and take a road trip to the Grand Canyon.

And you’re going to bring a camera with you.

Rosen did a video for SI TV that dropped yesterday. And you know how that goes. In a situation like this, a young player who’s been forced into a tough spot by things that are out of his control, usually lashes out. And it gets ugly.

So get ready for this dude to lose his mind.  And say something that he’s going to want back the second he barks it out.  Especially this guy.

Because you remember the rap about him when he was coming out? That he wasn’t just smart, he was too smart. He was too intelligent. He didn’t just want to know what was being done, he wanted to know why it was being done.

In other words, he was going to be a pain in the ass because he was so smart. He’s been going through a tough spot over the last few months and holding it all in…but  now he’s got a camera in front of him, so look the hell out. Because he’s young and he’s going to tear someone a new one.

In the video for SI, Josh Rosen said that all the reports and rumors are "annoying, but it is what it is. Football's a business, and I definitely respect the higher-ups and their decisions.”

Damn! He went there!

Actually, no he didn’t. He didn’t lash out. He didn’t bring the venom… or vent his frustrations. He handled that whole situation like a boss.

Check it out

I’ll be honest, that is a great way of handling that. It is so much more than annoying, it’s got to be beyond frustrating because none of this is on him and he can’t control any of this. A lot of guys in his situation would be pissed. He walked into a tough situation and took an absolute beating over the course of the season and now people keep talking about trading him?  K

A lot of guys in his situation wouldn’t show up to offseason workouts, to make a statement. Not only did Rosen show up, he was the first guy there. That’s a statement. And so is the fact that Kliff Kingsbury called his approach “phenomenal.”

A lot of guys in his shoes would be griping to the media. Or they’d be using their agents to force the Cardinals to publicly make a decision one way or the other. Or just flat out forcing their way out of town.

Just calling it “annoying” is such a professional move. And don’t be confused. This isn’t a guy who’s okay with what happened last season. Did you catch him talking about the three wins that they did have?

"We won three games, and each one of those wins—to me, it felt like we won the Super Bowl. And that feeling is so intoxicating, and that's why I just want nothing more than to be part of a team next year and have the same opportunities to go out and compete."

Yeah, okay, that’s cool. But what about the Cardinals, right? That has to really bug you, right? 

"I think the best advice I’ve ever gotten in life, from so many different people, is control what you can control. And whatever decisions are made, it's my duty to prove them right if they keep me and prove them wrong if they ship me off."

Is that guy 22 or 52? Damn, that is impressive. This has been an impossible situation for him to be put in and he’s handled it like a pro. That says a ton about him and about his future. I’m not saying that guarantees that he’ll be a Pro Bowler, but it says an enormous amount about him as a person and as a leader.

No matter what happens, based on everything I’ve seen, I can’t say enough about how he’s handled it all. Respect…and calling too smart, is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.