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JPP Trade

This trade is fascinating for a lot of reasons.

March 23, 2018 - 11:53 am

A lot of you want to talk about the Jason-Pierre Paul trade. Just a year after signing a four-year deal with 40 million dollars guaranteed, the Giants are sending JPP to Tampa Bay, and getting in return a 3rd round pick, and swapping 4th rounder’s.

Look, this trade is fascinating for a lot of reasons. What it means for the draft: The Giants picking at 2 now are in need of a defensive end and Bradley Chubb is there waiting for them. What it means when it comes to picking a quarterback. Do they roll with Eli? Do they take a guy at 2? Or do they trade down? Bills Mafia, do you want to make a move for this pick?

Hell, we can talk about what this move means to Tampa Bay, GM Jason Licht is not playing now that he’s ripped apart the worst pass rush in football and added JPP and Vinny Curry to a line that already has Pro Bowler Gerald McCoy. But here’s what we’re NOT going to talk about: The fact that Jason Pierre-Paul is missing a couple of fingers.

Why you guys want to clown a guy who nearly blew his hand off in 2015 but managed to make one of the most miraculous comebacks ever is beyond me. Do you have a soul? Have you ever made a mistake? Even better, have you ever made a mistake, much less a life changing mistake only to bust your ass and come all the way back from it: ever stare into the abyss and not only make it all the way back but were actually better for it? I’m going assume no. At least not the ones who thumbing out this imbecility. I really want to talk about this trade and what it means to the Giants and Bucs and the top of the draft but it’s nearly impossible for me to do so when all I’m seeing tweets like this:

RICH IN THE 970 tweets: “Bucs GM Jason Licht traded for JPP. You’ve got to HAND it to him on engineering such a steal. The Bucs are getting an explosive DE.”

And @SHOXROX17: “Trying to find a reason why the Bucs traded for me, but I can’t quite put a finger on it. Regards, JPP.

And @KEEPITSINGLE tweets: I heard JPP is a Buc. Now he can help Jameis with the “Eat a W” speech.

And RANDALL IN THE OC: “JPP to the Bucs. A real life Captain Hook.”

What, no 4-finger discount, smack? Or “only a 3rd rounder? The Giants must’ve given the Bucs 20% off? I’m sure if I looked hard enough I’d have seen those lame, tired, insensitive and idiotic tweets, too. What the hell is wrong with you people?

Look, you want my take on this trade, I’ll give it to you. I think the Bucs got a great player. I think they took the one asset they had — cap space — and used it to take on a contract that’s probably way too rich for the Giants blood, considering they’ve got to find room to extend guys like Odell Beckham and Landon Collins. And Tampa knows that if they’re going to survive in a division with quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Cam Newton, they need to be able to get after the quarterback. JPP can help do that, and he’s more than just a pass rusher, he’s damn good against the run, too.

That’s how you break down that trade. By looking at all the angles. By understanding that Dave Gettlemen just made a move that could shake up the top 5 of the draft, and could get the Giants a couple offers on the #2 pick while he’s at it. Not just by cracking a dude for obliterating a couple of digits on America’s birthday a couple years ago.

Do better. Because JPP did. And I’m always going to root for that guy. I actually it’s one of the more amazing stories I’ve ever seen. Just not for the same reason so many of you do.