JT’s Weekend

Dude blitzed the field and also set the course record at Medinah.

Jim Rome
August 19, 2019 - 12:01 pm
Justin Thomas

USA Today


The 2019 PGA TOUR season is four days at East Lake away from being over. And for the last two weeks, the FedEx Cup Playoffs have whittled a field of 125 players down to 30. And whichever stick wins the Tour Championship in Atlanta next Sunday isn’t just getting some gaudy piece of hardware—but a cool 15 mill to go with it. You wanna keep the attention of best players in the world after the major’s season? Dangle 15 mill over the flagstick on 18 at East Lake.

But in order to get from 125 players to 1, we first had to get from 70 to 30. And that’s what happened over the weekend at the BMW Championship in Medinah. They say the penultimate episode of a TV series is always better than the finale. And that might be the case on TOUR, too, because it’s going to be hard to top what just went down in Chicago. Because Justin Thomas lit the track on fire. Thunder and lightning lit Hefty’s hotel on fire. And Brooks Koepka lit a troll on fire. All the in same week.

And as badly as I want to start with JT—I just can’t get away from Brooks Koepka. So many of you can’t stand this guy. And I get it. I totally get it. What’s to like about a dude who looks like an athlete, wins all the time, has four majors, gives out free beer, and holds slow players accountable for killing the game? Sounds like the worst dude ever. Screw that guy. Give me JB Holmes standing over an 8-footer for 10 minutes.

Apparently some on egg on Twitter is sick of Brooks, too. And after BK fired a 71 on Friday, some jackwagon named Leon Rosen tweeted at Brooks: “Why (are you) playing if (you) don’t care if you win or lose? (Are you) too tired at 29 to make the effort? People like me bet on (you) to win or at least really try. (You) walk around like a dead man not caring about your game. Be honest – stop playing and go drive a truck.”

Amazing that someone on Twitter thinks a guy who has won four majors and finished top-6 in all of them this year doesn’t care. Even more amazing that this idiot brought his own gambling into it—as if Brooks hasn’t gotten a lot of people paid in the last 24 months. But Brooks didn’t bother addressing any of that and just focused on the last line about the suggestion that he should go drive a truck instead. And in just two words Koepka proved Billy Shakes correct in that brevity is indeed the highest form of wit when he wrote back on Twitter, “Brinks truck?”


Brinks Truck Koepka, if you need him. The dude who leads the TOUR on the money list year, and who has made 20 mill in tournament earnings since 2017 just slammed that Brinks Truck in reverse and backed up all over poor little Leon—who has since deleted his tweet. Way to stand by it and own it, Leon.

Anyone still want to call Brooks Koepka boring? Or bad for the game? Do so at your own risk. I love this guy. This isn’t some Q-School hack trading with Twitter trolls. This is the best player in the world doing it. And I’m here for it. Brooks will be at East Lake next week competing for the FedEx Cup and 15 more mill to add to the back of his Brinks Truck. Leon will be somewhere on the internet deleting his tweets. Scoreboard. Look up at it, Leon.

Now to Justin Thomas. A Jungle favorite despite being Team Creamy Peanut Butter over the far superior Team Crunchy. This is a guy who was saddled with a nagging wrist injury that kept him on the shelf for a few tourneys this season. Well that was then. And this is now. Because JT didn’t just blitz the field and win by three strokes yesterday—he also set the course record at Medinah. Twice. In the same week.

Dude fired a 65 on Thursday to take the first round lead and then went four shots better on Saturday with a blistering 61. 8 birdies. 2 eagles. And a cruise-control 68 on Sunday to win his 10th tournament and take the points lead into the season finale this week.

That win yesterday was JT’s 10th on TOUR. And at the age of 26 he’s already had the career of Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia with double digit TOUR victories and a major to go along with it. And now he’s just one of 14 active players with 10 wins under his belt.  

This guy used to pay property tax in Jordan Spieth’s shadow is now so far out of it that Jordan wishes he was JT. And next week at East Lake he’ll start the tournament under the new format at 10-under par with everyone else chasing him.

And if he converts on the Cup he’ll become just the second two-time winner joining Tiger Woods as the only guys to accomplish that.

Not bad for a dude who was pretty much forgotten this year.

Lesson learned at the BMW this week: Never come at Brooks on Twitter and never kick dirt on Justin Thomas.