2018 Philadelphia Eagles

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Just What The Eagles Needed

The 2017 Eagles showed up to save the 2018 Eagles.

October 12, 2018 - 10:18 am

If the first few weeks of the 2018 NFL season have taught us anything, it’s that if you want to get right in a hurry, you want to play the New York Giants. The Philadelphia Eagles came into last night needing to get right in a hurry, STOP THE BLEEDING AND SAVE THEIR SEASON and they did just that. 

On the verge of falling to 2-4 and last place in the NFC East, the 2017 Eagles showed up to save the 2018 Eagles. Carson Wentz looked like Carson Wentz, extending plays, finding receivers, scrambling for first downs. Last night, he was able to make just about everything else work. The RPO was clicking. Guys were getting open in space. Running backs had larger holes to hit. Wentz was picking up third downs like they were being given away for free, which THEY PRETTY MUCH ARE WHEN YOU’RE PLAYING THE GIANTS.   

But this wasn’t just about an Eagles team ABUSING a crappy Giants team. Philly looked that good. They looked like themselves again. 

That was the Eagle offense we saw last year. And a team that hadn’t scored 24 points in any game this season, got there by halftime last night, and it was stupid how easy it was.   

They had eaten a few punches early this season, but they got up off the canvas. That was an inspired team last night. A team that knew that people shouldn’t count them out. I half-expected to hear that they had a pre-game pep talk from that guy who was ranting about Jiminy Cricket.

This is the game! They were even breaking out Hulk Hogan calls at the line of scrimmage.

And I know what you think before you’re thinking, so spare me your tweets and emails about: oh, yeah, brother. Whatcha gonna do when I try to draw you off sides on fourth down? 

Now the Eagles are in first place in the NFC East, and they’re there to stay. Who’s running them down? Washington? Dallas? The Giants? Scrubs. Pretty much all of them.  Philly is obviously the class of the division. 

And yes, I know… it was the Giants. And the Giants make everyone look like Super Bowl champs. You and ten of your friends could line up against the Giants and feel damn good about yourselves. 

Again, this doesn’t make Philly the team to beat. The title does not run through them.   When it comes to Philly, that offensive line still has questions. Wentz is still taking a lot of hits. And as a team they’re still dealing with a lot of injuries, including a new one to Jason Peters that might be a torn biceps. I’m not saying that they’re about to go on a run to repeat. I want to see them get over .500 before I’ll say that. But their season could’ve ended last night, and instead, it looks like it just started. And they have the Giants to thank for that. Always the Giants.