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KC Played Their Asses Off

I’m starting with the team that lost 43-40.

October 15, 2018 - 9:41 am

Almost never lead the show with a team that lost. But I’m doing it here. I’m starting with the team that lost 43-40. I’m starting with the team that went into Foxborough 5-0 and comes out 5-1. Because while there is no such thing as a good loss, that was damn close to a good loss for Kansas City. They played their asses off. 

We knew what the Patriots could do, at home, under the lights, in a big game. We didn’t know what KC could do in that situation. We didn’t know how Patrick Mahomes would respond. And both he and they showed up big. 

And it wasn’t just facing Bill Belichick and his crew in Foxborough in prime time. It was facing them after they had extra time to prepare from the Thursday night game. Give the Hoodman more time and you’re asking for trouble.

And Mahomes and KC were in trouble in the early going. It looked like Patty Big Gun’s official welcome to the NFL moment. Two interceptions in terrible spots and zero touchdowns in the first half. This crazy dynamic and exciting offense was reduced to three field goals. Worse than that, Mahomes finally looked like a guy making his seventh NFL start. He looked uncomfortable, he looked unsteady, he looked, I don’t even want to say it, but he looked unsure. That’s something we’ve never seen from him before: hesitant and unsure; I didn’t know that even existed in his DNA. Everyone else? Sure.  But not this dude. 

But that’s no unusual, esp. for a freakish talent like Mahomes. Because that’s what happens when you face Belichick and Brady. Plenty of teams with Super Bowl aspirations have come to New England over the years, only; to be punched in the face and told to sit the hell down.   

And that’s how it looked, because trailing 28-9, this one had blowout written all over it.  My man was finally going to get his come-uppance. And the hot-takers already had their “moment was too big for Mahomes” lava ready for today.

But then… the second half happened. Mahomes to Kareem Hunt for a 67 yard touchdown.  

A field goal. A strip sack of Brady. Followed by Mahomes to Tyreek Hill for 14 yard touchdown pass.

Suddenly, a blowout was now a one-point game, 27-26 entering the fourth. New England hit a field goal to go back up by four. Then Mahomes to Hill, on a 1 yard touchdown pass.

And like that, the Chiefs weren’t just back in the game, they were leading the game. They went from being blown out by 15 to up by four in a matter of minutes. On the road. In foxborough where Super Bowl dreams die. 

The Patriots quickly scored twice, to get back up by 7 and at that point, it felt like it should be done. But it wasn’t. Because Mahomes and Hill weren’t done. And at this point, you pretty much have to kill Mahomes to beat Mahomes, because if this dude is breathing, he’s dangerous. And he’s dropping daggers.

Of course it was Mahomes to Hill to tie it. And of course Patriots fans went loser and threw beer on Hill. And of course the Chiefs left too much time on the clock for the Patriots. But that’s not the point.

For the first time in a long time, hell, for the first time ever…winning wasn’t the point. It was going on the road and showing up the way that they did. Losing to New England was more impressive than beating the Chargers or the Steelers or the Jags. And that’s not taking anything away from those wins. They were impressive and KC was impressive in them, but last night the Chiefs sent a message. Even in defeat. No, the Chiefs aren’t perfect. Their defense still has questions. But Patrick Mahomes has answers. A helluva lot of them.


Just ask Jason McCourty: "He is going to be special.” He went on to say that Mahomes “goes out in the first half of the game, throws two picks, and did not blink at all. He came out and played his game and was able to get on the edge a few times and make big plays. He was everything we saw on film."


That. And more. A helluva lot more. And personally, I can’t wait to see them run this back in the postseason. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if the Chiefs turn the tables on them when it happens. Because if you didn’t know before, you know now. About both Mahomes and the Chiefs.  Because at this point, no one wants any part of these guys.  And that’s the reason I’ll break format and start the show with someone who lost.  Because they looked that good doing it. And played their asses off. You know what you get with the Patriots. And now we know what you get with the Chiefs. Not only does the AFC WEST run through them, after what I saw last night, the entire AFC might also.  Again, the rare time I lead the show with a team that lost. The rare time, where I don’t give a damn about scoreboard.