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Soul killer. Kill mode.

April 19, 2019 - 9:16 am

Let’s go back to Wednesday. The Warriors were coming off that 31-point implosion in Game 2 and people were asking questions about Kevin Durant. Was Patrick Beverley getting to him? Was Pat Bev doing what Pat Bev does and getting under his skin, and in his head? How would the Warriors respond? And how would Durant respond?

Well, here’s how Durant responded on Wednesday – with a lesson offensive in style and scheme, capped off by a lesson on life. 

I’m Kevin Durant, you know who I am. Y’all know who I am. One thing to make that statement at the Warriors facility, but then he made it in the Clippers house last night.

He opened up by hitting everything. Literally, everything. He didn’t miss to start the game. And they weren’t open looks. There was a hand in his face each time. The Clippers weren’t letting Kevin Durant get his. They were grinding and all about making it as tough on Durant as they could. And it still didn’t matter. And he was still letting them know, I’m Kevin Durant. 

Here’s a little TNT montage if you need it. 

Perfect example of a fighter tasting his own blood. And after dropping their hands and getting clocked in the second round, they were locked in when the bell rang for round three…dropping 41 on the Clippers in the first quarter. 73 in the first half, and 109 by the end of the third en route to a 132-105 win. 

Again, that’s 132-105 on the road. In the playoffs. Against a team that some people were trying to argue had their number or were getting under their skin. The Clippers had supposedly exposed the Warriors in Game 2. Shown the world their weaknesses. And then the Warriors did that. 

LA Clipper Lou Williams said it best: "We just got our ass kicked. That's it."

How much of a statement were the Warriors making? This much.

Throw it down, big man.!!!! You know someone is getting their ass kicked when Klay Thompson is dunking with authority. You know someone is getting punked if Klay Thompson is dunking at all.

Just like you knew the Warriors would show up like that. And if you didn’t, you don’t know these cats. And that’s why I said after Game 2, you don’t’ freak out, and you don’t go looking for the panic button: and that they were still going to win that series and they were still the team to beat overall. It’s not like we hadn’t seen this a million times before from Golden State. Nothing we didn’t already know about Golden State. They lose interest; they take their foot of the gas; they lack defensive intensity at times. Right. Tell me something I didn’t already know. And here’s something we already knew:? That they show up the way they did for Game 3 after that melt down in the previous game. 

They’ve been at this long enough to know that the games like Game 2 will happen and the way you make sure they don’t happen again is coming out strong at the start of Game 3. 

So they did. With a 22-9 run to start. And 17 point lead at the end of one. That’s showing up huge. 

You know who else showed up big? The refs. 

Was that crew being paid by the whistle? Because it’s sure as felt like it... If Kevin Durant reminded everyone that he’s Kevin Durant, Scott Foster was there to remind everyone that he’s Scott Foster. The old saying is that if we know the ref’s name, that’s a bad thing. Not to Scott Foster it’s not. You had a problem with the number of fouls called in that game? He’s got an answer: I’m Scott Foster. You know who I am. Y’all know who I am.

People paid good money to see Scott Foster ref a game and he’ll be damned if they aren’t going to see his full arsenal of calls.  

There was a point in the first half where Foster and company were calling something on nearly every play. Durant picked up two quick ones and Steve Kerr was about to sub him out, but KD pointed to his own head, to say that he’d play smarter. And he did. 

Because, sadly for Scott Foster, last night wasn’t about Scott Foster!!! Last night was all about Kevin Durant. And mostly it was all about everyone who forgot he was Kevin Durant. And what that means. 

Because when Kevin Durant gets in that rhythm, you can cancel Christmas. 38 points, 7 assists. 

Here’s one attempt from Draymond Green when asked by ESPN about the matchup with Beverley: "But I like Kevin in that matchup, regardless of what [Beverley] does. I like Kevin in any matchup, with whoever. Anytime. Period. No one's defense matters, by the way. I've been on the other side of that [defensive matchup with Durant] and mine didn't either. I like that matchup with anybody."

A Defensive Player of the Year and one of the elite defensive players of all time saying that defense on Durant does not matter. And he’s wright. 

How would you describe that? Andre Iguodala went poetic: “It kills the soul when they did everything they thought they could and you still score.”

Green summed it up once again, this time in just two words: “kill mode.”

Soul killer. Kill mode. I’ll sum it up like this: he’s Kevin Durant. Don’t your forget it.  and when he’s doing that, he’s impossible to stop and they’re impossible to beat.