KD vs. Perk


Jim Rome
January 10, 2020 - 9:45 am
Kevin Durant, Kendrick Perkins, Russell Westbrook

USA Today


Russell Westbrook made his return to Oklahoma City last night and it started a firestorm that nearly broke twitter altogether. Oh, I’m not talking about Russ in the game and how the Thunder organization and fans welcomed him back. That was great. 

Goosebumps. And the tribute video they played was perfect, right down to the inclusion of some of his best press conference moments. 

OKC handled every part of his return really well, right down to beating Houston like a drum. But the real controversy wasn’t on the court, it was on Twitter. 

And it started with this tweet from Kendrick Perkins:

In about 30 minutes I’m going to give my opinion on sportscenter on why Believe that Russell Westbrook is the best player to have ever put on a Oklahoma City Thunder Jersey!!! He is MR. THUNDER!!!

That is interesting. And debatable And meant to get a reaction. And it did. 

A media member responded with this tweet:

He put together the best career within that organization, but he’s definitely not the best player to have ever put on a jersey for them. Cmon Perk!

Kendrick Perkins

Hey Kevin left the door open and Russ walked right in

‘Mark D’Amico

I think Russ walked right into the door called “Second Round of the Playoffs” - THREE STRAIGHT TIMES!

Kendrick Perkins

KD lost in the second round without Russ when I was there. So what that mean?

And then a challenger appears. Player 3 has entered the game. And that player is Kevin Durant, who tweeted: ‘Yea and our starting center Kendrick Perkins averaged a whopping 2 and 3 during that series. U played hard tho champ lol

Well, hello. Now we’ve have a legitimate twitter beef: The 10-time All-Star. The Two-time Finals MVP climbing up on the top rope and absolutely body-slamming his former teammate and alleged friend Kendrick Perkins.

Nothing more condescending or patronizing or insulting than telling a starting center, an extremely proud dude, he averaged 2 and 3 in a series but that he “played hard tho champ lol.” That is outstanding. Say what you will about Kevin Durant on twitter, but there are a couple of facts: one, he really likes being on twitter. Two, if you tweet about him, there’s a decent chance he will find you and respond. And 3, he’s pretty good at twitter.

And he got Perk pretty good. No, make that very good. Jimmy Butler and TJ Warren has nothing on this. 

So how will Perk respond to that? By grabbing a table and cracking Durant over the head with it. Because here was his response:

Boy stop you did the weakest move in NBA History!!! Up on a team 3-1 in the western conference finals and then go join them the following season?! Heart of Champion right there

Boom! Have some!  Roasted! He didn’t just call Durant weak for joining the Warriors….he called it the “weakest move in NBA history.”

And at that point, just about everyone on Twitter had pulled the popcorn from the microwave and the salt from the cupboard and was sitting there, chomping away, waiting for a response from KD.

And then it came in the form of a gif of a yawning sloth. And you can read that one of two ways – that he’s calling Perk’s argument tired and boring. Or that he’s calling Perk himself tired and slow.  

But while you could take the gif in a couple of ways, there’s no mistaking what Durant tweeted next:

Weak is starting at center, playing real minutes with no production. Should’ve worked on your skills as much as I did

That is quite a shot. Gloves are off now. You want to call me weak for going to Golden State? Well you didn’t damn thing in OKC other than eat minutes and cash checks with virtually no impact whatsoever.

And if KD’s point was that Perkins didn’t make much of an impact in OKC, he might be right, but he’s about to make an impact with this tweet:

That’s fine!!! You worked that hard and still had to go join a 73-9 team. Truth be told you don’t even feel like a real Champ, you have hard time sleeping at night huh knowing that you took the coward way out!!!

Shut it down, let’s go home!! We’ve got repeating the bailing on OKC for a 73-9 team point, followed by ‘you don’t even feel like a real Champ” followed by “you have hard time sleeping at night huh knowing that you took the coward way out!!!”

My man dug to the body, then cracked him I the chin and then bounced a haymaker off the top of Durant’s head. And that fight was over before KD even hit the canvas. Mike Tyson in his prime would be proud of those shots. 

So in the aftermath of all of this, exactly what do we make of what just happened? Did we really just see two former teammates and friends bludgeon each other up on twitter like that? Did these two just take turns going upside each other’s head with a shovel, one tweet at a time. It sure appears that way. And knowing each of them that could very well be the case. 

Then again, knowing these two, they could be just trolling the entire world: trolling the rest of us, and texting each other while they’re doing it and laughing their asses off. I mean, read it back again. Look what Perkins did. He went to the exact sore spots and made the exact arguments that just about every egg makes on Twitter when it comes to Durant. So, real? Or fake? You might ask, what the hell would these guys fake a beef for on twitter? Why would they do that?  Or, or, why would they go in on each other the way they did on twitter? I can answer both the questions, with the same answer: why would they do either of those things? Why does anyone do anything? Because they can. 

And Knowing these dudes…, who knows? I know what I want it to be: I want it to be legit. I’m just not sure it is. I’ll be real. I’m not sure this is real. And if we’re being real, we have to acknowledge these are two are both a different breed of cat, in their own way.   So no, I wouldn’t put it by them to be messing with all of you. Or might actually be real. 

Because Kendrick is an ornery guy. KD is an ornery guy. Kendrick is prickly. KD is prickly.

But if you’d told me it was fake, I’d have said “Okay” and just kept moving. Because Kendrick is a kind of weird guy. And KD is a kind of weird guy.

The biggest shock is that Kyrie Irving didn’t log on to get in the middle of it with some tweet about conspiracy theories and the third eye. Because Kyrie was the only piece missing from the Weird Guy Trifecta. 

So was Perkins, the guy who had Durant’s back when he left Golden State for Brooklyn and was telling everyone that Golden State didn’t appreciate him and that Durant had one foot out the door all last season, is suddenly going heel on Durant on Twitter? The guy who told everyone that Golden State was taking Durant for granted is, a few months later, absolutely carving him on twitter the way the worst people on twitter go after he? I mean, I guess I could see that happening. Seems kind of weird. 

Just like I guess I could see them clowning. Like I said, I know what I want it to be. But knowing these guys, there’s a really good chance that it isn’t.