Kevin Durant's Jealous Side

KD seems to get pretty worked up about some pretty strange things.

Jim Rome
April 16, 2020 - 9:31 am
Kevin Durant and Steph Curry

USA Today


According to a new book, by all accounts, Kevin Durant might be kind of an unusual guy. I know it’s not exactly breaking news to say that, but when you read some of the excerpts that have been released from “The Victory Machine” by Ethan Strauss, KD seems to get pretty worked up about some pretty strange things.

This is a guy who has gotten into twitter fights with randos and appeared to have burner accounts that he’d use to back himself up or hype himself with. Again, we are talking about one of the greatest players to ever step on an NBA court. A borderline unstoppable offensive force.

And according to Strauss, a guy with a borderline unstoppable jealous streak.

Strauss writes that in January 2019, he wrote a piece about how the team worked hard to make KD happy in terms of their offensive approach. He then heard that Durant was “livid over the article.” As Strauss points out, some stars get mad about a headline and then when you talk with them, you realize that they didn’t actually read the article.

“Not KD. He reads everything and takes issue with specific sentences and phrases. A few in particular had inspired his ire, or so I heard.”

So when he showed up in Sacramento that day, he expected he might hear something from Durant. “The moment my feet touched hardwood, a practicing Kevin Durant ditched his shooting drill, and speed-walked in my direction.

The ball KD abandoned was still bouncing when he spat, “How can you write that shit!?” He was off and running, venting about the article as media members gawked on.”

Later that day, Strauss showed up to the pregame locker room availability and Durant waved him over. And then started in on him again and one of the things that came up was Steph Curry.

More specifically, Durant’s accusation to Strauss that he was “trying to “rile up Steph’s fans.” He expressed that this was a constant theme in the Bay. All of us local guys just wanted to kiss Steph’s ass at his expense. This was KD’s consistent lament. He would frequently squabble in direct-message conversations with the Warriors fans of Twitter, frequently accusing them of favoring Steph at his expense.”

It’s no secret that Golden State fans love Steph. Why wouldn’t they? He’s been with them his entire career. The fans were with him when the team was struggling and he was battling injuries and they saw him become the superstar that he is, completely transforming the game. What’s not to love?

It would only be natural that they would adore Steph and Durant might feel like he doesn’t get the same level of love. But it’s kind of weird for a future Hall of Famer to be getting into DM conversations with Warrior fans and accuse them of liking a teammate more than they like him. I mean, that’s weird.  Really weird.  And not the good kind of weird.

But then again, KD always did some pretty weird things.

And it wasn’t just about Steph. According to Strauss, Durant once hit a Warriors fan account with a Twitter DM with a complaint that Marreese Speights was more accepted by Warriors fans than he was.

I’m sorry, what?

Kevin Durant was complaining about the love that Mo Buckets received? Kevin Durant, one of the most accomplished players in NBA history, is even remotely worried about Mo Buckets? THE HELL is going on HERE?!!

But as Strauss writes, “After the blowout win that followed, as he waited to take the podium stage, Durant was fixated on a TV that hung from the wall. Speights was with the local TV guys, yukking it up. "Mo Buckets," Durant loudly groused, shaking his head. "How can you call yourself 'Mo Buckets' when you never averaged twenty points a game?"

I have a much better question…How the hell can you possibly be concerned with Mo Buckets if you are Kevin Durant? Seriously. How is that possible? How does THAT guy worry at all about the love that THAT other guy gets?

Forget the fact that it’s really strange to be running smack about one of your own teammates, but especially that teammate. He’s a role player. And an energy guy. Someone who could come off the bench and get red hot, but nobody was ever going to say that Mo Buckets is better than Kevin Durant.

But apparently, any love for Buckets was too much love. It’s almost like his view of the world is that there is a limited supply of fan love. And that if people cheer for a bench player, it means they aren’t cheering for him. And if that’s really the case, that is a really sad view of the world.

It’s one thing to think that, but it’s another thing to act on it. And by act on it, I mean start jumping into DM’s with fans on Twitter to complain about it.  

You know that old line that lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep? KD the lion was reaching out to every sheep, lamb, ox, and fly he could find, and he was really concerned. All the time.

This is a supremely conditioned athlete. How do you have the time and energy to waste on Twitter DM battles with randos? And to be picking such weird and petty things to complain about?

Don’t get me wrong. Kevin Durant has overcome challenges the likes of which most people will never have to face. In many areas, he is tough as hell. But when it comes to twitter love, it sure doesn’t seem that way. Not if he’s battling with random accounts over Mo Buckets.

That might be enough to officially make him the weirdest and prickliest guy in the West. And now this guy is linking up with Kyrie Irving, maybe the weirdest and prickliest man in the East. Keymaster meet Gatekeeper. Good luck with that fellas. Good freaking luck.  BECAUSE BOTH ARE REALLY FREAKING WEIRD.