Kevin Iole

The Yahoo MMA/Boxing writer talks Jones vs. Smith.

March 01, 2019 - 9:51 am

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All Topics: UFC 235 | Jon Jones vs. Anthony Smith | Having a long conversation with Jones | Jones’ legacy | Jones 8 years ago | Jones and Dana White’s history | Jones’ entourage the past few years | Anthony Smith’s life journey | MMA saved Smith around | Smith’s chances against Jones | Ben Askren | Askren’s world class wrestling/ grappling ability | Tyron Woodley’s legacy | Vegas Golden Knights |

Mar 1st 2019

Dec 3rd 2018

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Oct 8th 2018

All Topics: UFC 229 | Khabib was 100 percent wrong for jumping over the cage | The UFC not penalizing Conor McGregor for the bus incident | Conor tapping against Khabib | Could see the UFC stripping Khabib of the belt | Conor could be in trouble with the Nevada State commission for throwing punches in the octagon after | Was UFC 229 good or bad for the sport



Mar 30th 2018

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