Kevin Na Goes Legend

No Koepka. No Cat. No Hefty. No problem.

Jim Rome
May 28, 2019 - 1:45 pm
Kevin Na

USA Today


No Koepka. No Cat. No Hefty. No problem.  

Because the Colonial this week belonged to Tour favorite, and walk-it-in legend, Kevin Na. 

Nine days ago after getting the chop at Bethpage—Kevin Na packed his bags early and told his caddie, “You know what? If taking the weekend off gets me rested for a golf course that I have a chance to win at and I know that I can win at, then things happen for a reason.”

Hell yes they do. Because that’s exactly what Kevin Na did. And not only did he win at Colonial—he ran away and hid with tourney. After a 4-shot curb-stomping on the field. And beat back Jordan Spieth—who was tripping around his local stomping grounds in Fort Worth, looking to get right, with the entire crowd hoping to see his first win in two years.

Instead they saw Kevin Na turn the track inside-out, wax Spieth by eight strokes, and then go all Oprah Winfrey with it when he lobbed his bagman, Kenny Harms, the keys to a 1973 Dodge Challenger.

For winning the tourney—Na got 500 FedEx Cup points, 1.3 million greenbacks, a trophy, a plaid champion’s jacket, and the title to a ’73 Dodger Challenger—the exact kind of 10-second whip that Vinny D. Would drag for a quarter mile down the streets of Los Angeles. 

Well now Kenny Harms gets to live that Fast & Furious lifestyle thanks to his boss, Kevin Na, who made good on a promise to gift him the sled if they won the tournament.

According to Kevin Na, the agreement was put into place during Tuesday’s practice round. Kenny Harms straight up asked if he could have the rig if they won and Na said yes.

So on Sunday when Na jugged his bird on 18—he tuned to his caddie, pointed to the Dodge, and yelled, “That’s your car!”

Fortunately for Kenny Harms, he lugs around Kevin Na’s sticks and not Matt Kuchar’s. Because Kuch probably would have pointed to a five dollar bill and screamed THAT’S YOUR LINCOLN, driven off in the car himself and told his looper that it was a great week for him. And that he should be happy. 

Sorry, not sorry, Matty. That’s your reputation now. I know you’re all confused as to why you can’t shake it—but that’s gonna happen every time a Tour Pro does something nice for his caddie. Because as Steve Elkington told me last month on the podcast—you picked the worst hill imaginable to die on.

“Money’s a bad move especially when you got bleep tons of it.”

Right. And that’s why Kevin Na tipped out his bagman a freaking muscle car when he won 1.3 million on Sunday. And it’s why Kenny Harms told his boss he loved him afterwards on Instagram. 

That’s how you do it, Kuch. Take care of the ones that take care of you. But it’s too late for you. Because, like I said, every time something good happens to one of these caddies—you’re gonna be the first name on everyone’s mind for how not to do it.

Congrats to Kevin Na. Not only on winning the Colonial but, more importantly, for not being Matt Kuchar.