Klay Lost $30 Million

Thompson did not make an All-NBA team.

Jim Rome
May 24, 2019 - 10:36 am
Klay Thompson

USA Today


Bucks-Raptors has really been a fascinating series. Back and forth. And the only people happier than NBA fans about that are the Golden State Warriors. Because while they were going to get the same amount of rest no matter how long the Eastern Conference Finals went, you know they aren’t hating the fact that it’s going at least six games and could go seven.

This was supposed to be a pretty quiet time for them. And then yesterday came, and there was news. Like the news that Klay Thompson did not make an All-NBA team. And as a result, he won’t be eligible for a mega-max extension.

I won’t bore you with the details of the salary cap, but I’ll hit you with this: not making one of the three All-NBA teams meant that Klay Thompson just lost 30 mill.

How would you react if you found that out? Well, Klay reacted exactly the way you’d expect him to react. Like a boss.

If you’ve seen the clip, you hear him being told by Anthony Slater that he missed the team and then who made it in front of him. He thinks about that for a second, gives a head shake and an eye roll, and then, like I said, handles it like a boss.

“I mean, that’s cool and all. But when you go to five straight Finals — I respect those (other) guys — but holy … when you go to five straight, it takes more than just a couple All-NBA guys. It’s an all-time team. But whatever. I’d rather win a championship than be third-team All-NBA.”

I could not respect Klay any more than I already do. He just found out that he lost 30 million bucks and his first words are “I mean, that’s cool and all…” Most people in that situation are raging. That is a reason to go. Not just because he lost 30 mil, but because KLAY FREAKING THOMPSON IS AN ALL-NBA PLAYER.

How the hell is he not? I’m not going to spend the show picking apart the resumes of the guys who made it in front of him, but who would you rather have above Klay Thompson? No names mentioned, but one of them rhymes with Irie Kirving.

They do different things, but are you really telling me that the guy who managed to make a good team worse is better than Klay Thompson, one of the greatest shooters of all time and a lockdown defender. Hell no.

And of course it’s asinine that the CBA ties media voted awards to player contracts. It shouldn’t. Nobody likes that. Not the players. Not the media members. Nobody. Because you end up with stupid situations like this.