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Kyler Murray's Pro Day


March 14, 2019 - 12:47 pm

There was a time when Kyler Murray’s Pro Day was going to be the biggest day on the offseason calendar. It was so big that some were suggesting that it was going to overshadow the official start of free agency, because they fell on the same day. I mean, that was going to be the day that everyone decided where he should go in the draft. And then came the Combine and all the reports that he’s going number one overall, and the Pro Day seemed less important. 

And then Odell Beckham Jr was traded. And that completely blocked out the sun.

But Murray did have his Pro Day yesterday. And for all the people freaking out that he didn’t throw in Indianapolis, he threw a football yesterday. 

And it went exactly how you’d expect. He completed a lot of passes and a lot of people used a lot of tired phrases like “spinning it” and “dimes” to sound cool.

Here’s a better summary: Kyler Murray threw the hell out of the ball. Of course he did, because you know who has been helping him prepare for the Pro Day?

James Arthur Zorn. Jim Zorn. The Zorn Identity. The Zorn Ultimatum. A Star is Zorn. And here’s my reaction to that news: HIP-HIP-HOORAY! (INSERT)

I could care less that he showed that he can take snaps from center. And I couldn’t care more about the fact that Jim Zorn was the guy teaching him. 

If you want an injection football know-how and outright enthusiasm, you go straight to the source. And the Natural Zorn Killer’s impact was the best thing about yesterday.

Because Murray did not run the 40. And he didn’t participate in agility drills. And he didn’t have his height measured. 

And if you want to be a conspiracy theorist and you want to argue that he has something to hide, then go right ahead. Maybe he’s really slow. Maybe he’s really short. Maybe he’s not at all agile. Or maybe you could watch film of him from his time at Oklahoma and answer all of those questions.

If you are bothered by the fact that he didn’t run the 40 and didn’t participate in agility drills at his Pro Day, Kyler Murray isn’t the quarterback for you. Because the entire reason he is likely to go number one overall is because he’s incredibly agile, incredibly quick, and he can throw the hell out of the ball. 

I mean, here are the stats, if you want them. He completed 61 of 67 passes. There you go. Take them and do with them as you wish. I’m not exactly sure how much it matters that he completed 91 percent of passes against air. After all, everyone knows that the best way to evaluate a quarterback is if someone is chasing them with a broom, or a mop, or a chair or a rake. 

I’m not going to say that his Pro Day didn’t matter, but I will say that according to initial reports, Cardinals GM Steve Keim, Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury, and Cardinals owner Michael Bidwell did not attend. So there’s a little more juice for the conspiracy theorists and smoke monsters.

Does that mean that they aren’t going to take him number one overall? Are they so not interested in him that they didn’t even bother to show up? Or does it mean that they already have their minds made up that they are going to take him? Or does it mean that there isn’t much that they could see at a Pro Day that would help them make their decision?

And if you’re still believing that Murray’s leadership is NOT GOOD. And his study habits are NOT GOOD. And his board work is BELOW NOT GOOD, Murray himself said ask his teammates. And offensive lineman Cody Ford had the answer:  “Anything about that guy is not questionable. His heart, his mentality – Kyler’s a great teammate. Even when he didn’t play (as a backup to Baker Mayfield), he was pushing everybody. For somebody to say he’s not a leader, that’s not right. If you play with a guy like Kyler, you definitely respect the way he carries himself.”

I would say that response is GOOD. Maybe even ABOVE GOOD. Just like I would say Murray’s chances of going number one overall are ABOVE GOOD. All in all, that was a solid Pro Day for Murray. And to that I say, HIP-HIP-HOORAY.