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LA Is A Football Town Again

The question always was whether LA wanted the NFL.

September 28, 2018 - 10:45 am

After watching last night’s game, I have one question: did Los Angeles just become a football town? I think it did. In fact, I almost know it did. 

Did you see those crowd shots late in the game? That’s how you know. Not because of the size of the crowd, which was huge. And not because of how loud they were, and they were loud. But because they were still there. Late in the fourth quarter of a game that looked like it was in the bag, and LA was still out in force and looking to party.

This team had problems drawing fans just a year ago. And now they’re coming 72 thousand strong. Did you see that place rocking at the two-minute warning?

And if LA is now a football town, and it sure looks like it is, it’s because the Rams are running the LA playbook to perfection. From the moment it was announced that LA was getting the NFL back, I said if you’re going to get this, you have to do it the right way. Spend money, stockpile stars, and win. But it’s not enough to just win, you have to win the right way. You have to win a swag and style; you have to light up the scoreboard.  This is an event town: your games have to be events. Just moving the chains isn’t enough.  Just winning isn’t enough. There has to be pyrotechnics. The Lakers weren’t the Lakers back in the day because they were stacking Larry O’s. They were the Lakers because they were the SHOWTIME Lakers; Magic orchestrating the break, and motivational guru with Hollywood good looks on the bench; and all the A-listers showing up every single night looking to see and be seen. That’s LA. and that’s what you need in this town. And that’s what the Rams have. Again, they’re running that LA playbook to perfection; the Greatest Show on Turf, and Showtime all rolled into one. 

Oh and a defense that is going to wreck fools and embarrass chumps. 

AND YES, they have a genius coach. Yeah, I said it. That word gets thrown around a lot, but Sean McVay LITERALLY IS A GENIUS. And I don’t need to see his absurd memory tricks to know that. Just watch how he calls the offense and leads that team. Genius in action.

And there are stars on offense: Todd Gurley and Cooper Kupp were good last year. Then they added Brandin Cooks in the offseason – think the Patriots could use a receiver like Cooks right now? If the hoodie, the alleged genius is so smart, how the hell does he let Brandin Cooks leave?? We already covered Goff.   

In other words, they aren’t waiting for a new stadium to take over this town, they’re doing it right now. So if any of you either in this town or outside of this town, are still wasting my time by saying, I’m still not sold; let’s wait and see. Let’s wait until they beat someone who matters. Let’s wait and see if the Dream Team approach works in the NFL.  You can wait all you want; because I’ve seen all I need to see to know these cats are for real. They have a brilliant plan and they’re working it to perfection. Last year was great. But it was no one off. And this year is better.

But it’s not just enough to have talent and style to win over this city, you need confidence. And the Rams have that in bulk, yo. Todd Gurley said it best on the NFL Network postgame show: “Any team can be beat, but nah, we can’t be beat right now.”

That’s about as LA as it gets. And it’s so awesome. And it’s so true. Things can change, but right now, they cannot be beaten. They just put up 38 on a defense that everyone had thought was pretty good. They’ve gone for 33 or better in every game this year. 

That’s how you end up with Robert Woods celebrating touchdowns with celebs in the end zone. That’s how you get Danny Trejo showing up early to the stadium with a Gurley jersey. 

It was never about whether the NFL would return to LA. That was always going to happen. The NFL wanted LA. The question was whether LA wanted the NFL. And now it does. LA is a football town again.