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The Lakers Are Rolling

I told you not to freak out when they started 0-3.

November 15, 2018 - 1:48 pm

Remember when a bunch of y’all were freaking out about the Lakers 0-3 start to the season? And by a bunch of y’all, I mean ALL OF Y’ALL.  Laker fans were losing their minds and Laker haters were loving it. Well, I’m not here to say I told you so, but I pretty much told you so. I told you that it was a long season. That there was talent on that roster and they were figuring it out. 

Well, the Lakers beat the Blazers 126-117 last night and they’ve now won four straight and six of seven. Now, just like I told you not to freak out when they started 0-3, I’m going to tell you, especially you, Laker fans, not to freak out when they’re rolling the way they are. Because it is still a long season and they still have a lot of figuring out to do.

Here’s another thing that needed to be shot down: the idea that LeBron didn’t care. Or that he doesn’t still have it. Because he does and he does. It’s a sign of how spoiled everyone is that LeBron was nearly averaging a triple double and people were claiming that he was checked out. Like averaging a triple double is just something that happens all the time.

But if I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, there hadn’t been one of those “where were you when” games from LeBron since he put on the purple and gold. 

Not until last night.  

44 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists and three blocks in last night’s win. 

I know people wanted to clown the Lakers after their win over the Hawks, and I get that. Just like I get that they wanted to crack on people who said that Tyson Chandler was a great addition. He was and is.

But for all the doubters, check last night. Because the Blazers aren’t the Hawks. And that wasn’t easy. The Lakers battled back from down 13 to get that win. 

And LeBron did much of the work. For a guy who some losers believe is just out here to enjoy the weather and start his movie career, he still play a little basketball. Actually a lot of basketball. Because the Blazers threw everything they had at him, including a number of hard fouls in the fourth quarter. And he kept right on rolling.  Dude flat out imposed his will and took over the game against a good, tough Portland team.

It was a tremendous performance. The best in his short time in a Laker and one that included moments like this.

Block at one end, get the pass, and finish it at the other.

And it also included this:

That moved LeBron past Wilt into fifth on the all-time scoring list. And no, I’m not interested in your lame, tired, and unoriginal jokes about Wilt and the scoring list. Keep moving, losers.

It was an great night for LeBron and even got him a twitter shootout from Arnold Schwarzenegger: 

Congratulations to @kingjames on passing Wilt for fifth on the all-time scoring list. What a champion. I’m proud of you.

Game recognizing game. And it’s a reminder that while Zion is throwing down LeBron dunks in Durham, LeBron is still throwing down LeBron dunks in LA. 

Oh, and one more thing: did you check the M-V-P chants at Staples for LeBron? That had to feel good for him and feel miserable for all those folks who said Laker fans would never embrace him. They have. And they’re embracing this team. 

The only dark cloud for Laker fans was the fact that Rajon Rondo broke his hand and will be out for a number of weeks. Which brings up another thing? Remember when everyone thought it was so weird that the Lakers signed Rondo. Why bring in that guy? When he’s kind of strange? And they already have Lonzo Ball?

Well, when you see how they play with Rondo on the floor and the impact that he has on the young players, you know the answer to that. And know that a busted hand isn’t going to stop Rondo from talking or coaching. Now it’s up to Ball to pick up where Rondo left off and keep this thing rolling. 

There’s still a ton of season left, and this is just a small sample so I would never say, I told you so. Especially since everyone hates the bag that does. But I told you so.