Lane Kiffin

Ole Miss head coach on being back in the SEC.

Jim Rome
December 17, 2019 - 12:48 pm
Lane Kiffin

USA Today


Info & Stats: Ole Miss Head Coach

All Topics: Being named head coach at Ole Miss | The last 10 days of his life | Arriving at the airport and seeing thousands of Ole Miss fan waiting | His families reaction to him getting the job | History of Ole Miss football | Taking on the best division in all of college football | SEC West | Going against Nick Saban | Life since being fired at USC | Have had the opportunity to be around a lot of good coaches the past six years | Joke about being fired at the tarmac | Maturity over the years | Reggie Bush’s video on Drew Brees | Admiration for Brees | 2020 Ole Miss Rebels | Culture |

Dec 17th 2019