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Get it done already, so we can move on to the next thing.

February 25, 2019 - 10:58 am

Spring training games have started, but let’s be honest, the real drama is off the field. Because Bryce Harper is still unsigned. And yesterday came the reports that the Philadelphia Phillies were about to finalize a 10-year deal with Harper. Which makes yesterday roughly the 50th straight day that the Phillies were just about to sign Harper. 

Seriously, nobody has ever been closer to being THIS close to doing something than the Phillies have been to signing Bryce Harper. By the sounds of it, they’ve just been standing on his doorstep with a contract and a pen for about a month. The Phillies have been hours away from finalizing a deal for a month. 

But wait! But according to Bob Nightengale, team owner John Middelton was in Las Vegas and he wasn’t leaving until he had Harper. Until he left without Harper. But the Phillies still felt good that they were going to get this done.

But wait! The Phillies might not be just negotiating against themselves.

According to Jeff Passan, the Los Angeles Dodgers rolled into Las Vegas and they are checking out Harper.

The Los Angeles Dodgers re-engaged with Bryce Harper’s camp two weeks ago seeking a shorter-term deal, sources tell Ramona Shelburne and me. On heels of Jesse Sanchez report the parties met Sunday in Las Vegas, question becomes whether either side will move toward the other.

Want some more juice to get you pumped this morning?

Here’s that report from Jesse Sanchez:

Sources: The Dodgers are back in the mix for Bryce Harper. Club officials, including manager Dave Roberts, were seen in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Let me pick out a few important details from that tweet – the phrase “back in the mix” and the phrase “including manager Dave Roberts” 

Hello! I mean, there’s no way that Dave Roberts is going to Las Vegas if this isn’t serious, right? There’s no way that Dave Roberts is leaving camp and heading up to Las Vegas unless there’s a legit chance the Dodgers coming home with Bryce Harper. SO you know what that means?

Time to start printing up the Harper jerseys. Los Angeles might have lost out on Anthony Davis for the time being, but we got Bryce!

And yeah, outfield isn’t exactly a position of need at the moment. But if you can add a player, perhaps just as importantly, a star like Harper, that would be pretty damn sweet, right?

It might even erase some of those nagging concerns you have about Clayton Kershaw. By the way, how are you feeling about those reports, Dodger fans? Then again, No time to think about Kershaw putting the ball down for a few days when, you’ve got Bryce Harper bobbleheads to start hyping and a 2019 World Series parade to start planning!

Now let’s just read one more tweet from Passan and then decide whether the parade should just go back and forth on Figueroa or if they should start on Fig and then take a right and head all the way to the ocean.

Here’s that other tweet from Passan: 

From the start, Bryce Harper has sought a decade-long-plus deal. There is no indication, sources said, that has changed. The Dodgers, meanwhile, have long been opposed to very long-term deals. Still, the Dodgers’ emergence has thrown a fascinating wrench into these negotiations.

The Dodgers emergence has thrown a fascinating wrench into these negotiations and that tweet throws a wet blanket over Dodger fans.  

Because unless something has changed very dramatically, nothing has really changed. For this to be real, for Harper to become a Dodger, either he has to decide that he doesn’t want a long term deal or the Dodgers have to decide that they want to do a long term deal. And that would be a huge change for both of them to make. And does anyone really think either of those things are going to happen.

You really think that Bryce Harper and Scott Boras worked this hard to get into this position to be signing a deal that could be the highest in baseball history, only for Harper to take a shorter deal with the Dodgers? I get the lure of the big market and the fact that he might have reservations about Philadelphia, but how much is that lure worth? How much are those reservations worth? Do you really think Scott Boras would encourage a move like that much less let Harper do something like that. 

Is he really going to walk away from the alleged ten year deal on the table in Philly to take less in Los Angeles? Or Are the Dodgers really going to change their whole philosophy about long-term deals to sign a guy at a position where they already have a number of players?

Is this real or is this all just a ploy from Boras and Harper to jam Philly to get more jack out of them? To get Philly from being close to signing Bryce to actually signing Bryce?

Don’t get me wrong. Bryce would be good for LA and LA would be good for Bryce. But is either one going to budge enough to make that happen? If I’m the Dodgers, I get on that plane and do everything I can to talk Bryce into it. And my man Dave Roberts is as good as they come.  But…Does anyone anywhere really think Harper and Boras are going to leave a nickel on the table much less years on it as well. Neither do I. Get it done already, so we can move on to the next thing and waste all our time trying to figure out where Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel are going to live and work.