LBJ Saving Melo's Life

Stories are more important now than ever.

Jim Rome
March 30, 2020 - 9:26 am
Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James

USA Today


As I mentioned on Friday, stories are more important now than ever. Interesting people telling interesting stories is absolutely crucial right now. Like Jimmy Johnson talking about Barry Switzer taking a dump in a shoe and everyone throwing up. That is the kind of content we all need right now.

Of course, you know if Jimmy Johnson is telling the story, it’s going to be awesome. And if Barry Switzer is in the story, it’s going to be legendary. That’s a lock.

But here is a storyteller I didn’t see coming: Carmelo Anthony.

He and Dwyane Wade did an Instagram live session and Melo had stories. Stories for days. About how he thinks his life would be different if he was drafted by the Pistons –translation: he’d have a ring, and the entire universe would see him in a different light: translation, not as a me-first, no defense playing, ball hog.  

But like I said, he’s the story teller I didn’t see coming and had a pair of incredible stories about Kobe and LeBron. Let’s start with Kobe and Melo telling a story about an early meeting.

Let me pause that right there, because that is great. That is the kind of behind the scenes, behind the curtain kind of stuff we need now more than ever. And I love that Melo is sharing this.

But the trash talking and jawing is about to get to another level. And it’s about Melo’s hair.

You knew it was going to be good when Melo said “the most disrespectful bleep anyone can do is touch your braids.” When he said that, you knew exactly what Kobe was about to do. And then he did it. And it was perfect.

I’m not sure what I love more – Kobe telling Melo how it was going to be in the first three quarters and then the fourth quarter, or Kobe intentionally punking Melo by flicking his braids, because he knew that would mess with him.

And yet somehow, from Kobe talking junk and doing the most disrespectful bleep you can do, that was actually the start of their friendship. Incredible. 

If that was the only story Melo told, that would be worth the price of admission. But he had more. And they were just as incredible. 

For example, what if I told you that LeBron James once saved the life of Carmelo Anthony?

Not figuratively. Not in a metaphorical sense. This isn’t a matter of Bron reaching out to Melo when Melo was out of the league and picking him up. Not his metaphorical life, his actual life. 

According to Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James actually, literally saved Carmelo Anthony’s life.

This is about a time when the Banana Boat crew went snorkeling and things did not go well for Melo. Not well at all. Melo tells a story of LBJ saving him.

That is one hell of an image. A future Hall of Fame player just drifting out to sea and another legend, jumping into the water “like MacGyver” to save him.

LeBron is dragging Melo with one arm and swimming with the other? Forget coming back from down 3-1 to the Warriors or scoring 25 straight points in a conference finals game that might be the most impressive thing that Bron has ever done.

Because Melo is listed at 6’8, 238. And I’m guessing that on vacation, there’s a chance that Melo might be a little bit heavier than his fighting weight. And he’s in the water. And he’s kind of dead weight. And LeBron is just dragging him through the current?

That is insanity. LeBron James saving Carmelo Anthony’s live and Melo completely owning up to it and capping off the story with “Yo, Bron, I appreciate that. You saved my life that day. Them little flippers wasn’t working for me.”

Them little flippers wasn’t working for me is one hell of a description. And would’ve been a horrible way for it to end for Melo.

I’ll be real. Melo has been a complete revelation as a storyteller. We probably should’ve known he was an incredible storyteller, but he doesn’t always let that side of himself show. But when he’s talking with Wade, the stories start flowing. I need this on a daily basis from here on out, Melo.

Just one story a day. That’s all we’re asking. Hit us with guys talking trash, you talking trash back, and you nearly dying because the little flippers weren’t working. Anything that’s on your mind, let it rip. Because it’s gold. Just fire up Instagram live: keep feeding us: especially now when we’re hungry: do that consistently enough and long enough, and pretty soon everyone will love you and forget that you never won a ring, never played never defense, never shared the ball and always put yourself ahead of the team as an NBA player. Oh and while we’re here, can we all admit that winning a ring with a third different franchise may not guarantee LeBron goat status, but winning a ring with a third franchise and swimming Melo to safety and saving his life together, surely would!!