Le’Veon Bell Released By Jets

I can’t figure out why? It was going so well.

Jim Rome
October 14, 2020 - 10:52 am
Le’Veon Bell

USA Today


In the middle of Tuesday Night Football, the New York Jets released Le’Veon Bell. Didn’t trade him. Release him. Flat out let him walk. Paid him millions to get him the hell out of the building: paid him millions to get the hell away from him. 

And what I can’t figure out is why? It was going so well. Seemed like a perfect marriage between Bell and Adam Gase. If the two of them can’t make it, what chance do the rest of us have?

I’m going to miss these two guys together. They were the best.

Like when Gase pulled Bell from a training camp scrimmage in August saying that he had a bad hamstring. And then Bell tweeted: “Ain’t nothin wrong with my hamstrings.”

And then chased that with “it’s tough to stay loose when you do a bunch of standing around......& I’m used to GOINGGG”

A head coach pulling a guy from a scrimmage and then the guy hopping on twitter to call the coach a liar is awesome.

That is the best. And that is why the Jets are the best. Their marquee free agent from 2019. The guy they signed to a four-year, 52.5 million dollar deal, with 35 million guaranteed, and they released him 19 months later.

By the way, it’s not even clear that Bell wanted to be a Jet in the first place. Remember back in February 2018, before he signed with the team, someone suggested to him on Twitter that he sign with the Jets for 60 mill and his response was: “that ain’t enough to come run with the Jets.”

And the Jets still went out and signed him anyway. Awesome.


These guys are the best at being the worst. Just such a Jets move.

I’m not sure what I like about this story more: the fact that they just gave up on Bell or the reasoning behind it.

Let me read this from Rich Cimini: The breaking point in the relationship came Sunday, when Bell was upset with his role in the Jets' 30-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Afterward, he declined media interview requests but he took to Twitter and "liked" comments from media members who suggested he was being misused and should be traded.

That upset Gase, who told reporters on Monday, "I hate that that's the route we go with all this instead of just talking about it, but it seems that's the way guys want to do it nowadays."

Sorry, what? Gase was upset because a player “liked” comments from media members on Twitter? How old is Gase? Dude?!  What would have happened if Bell retweeted something? What if he posted a poll? Or went to Instagram or Facebook with it?

It’s a good thing Bell didn’t reference it on tiktok, because Gase would’ve tried to get him banned from the league. For life.

You’re 0-5. You just lost by three touchdowns in a game where Bell had 13 carries and one reception.

Adam, can you hear me? You haven’t won enough to be pissed off with your star running backs Twitter habits. Bell is more accomplished than you are.

Your career highlight is somehow getting hired after less than two weeks after getting fired by the Dolphins. And then having enormous bugged out eyes in your press conference. That’s it. Those are your accomplishments.

And by the way, he’s right - you were misusing him. He was an elite talent, before he got to you. I know Bell might not always be a picnic and he deserves some of the blame – because there were some great moments with him as Jet, like when he put on weight and was glossed Heavy ‘On Bell or Le’Veon Belt, or when he went bowling when he was sick. Again, he’s not totally blame-free in this. Not saying he is.

But this definitely isn’t all on him. This is a trend, both for the Jets and for Gase. You manage to take a guy who was one of the scariest players in the league and turned him into a journeyman.

This isn’t just a “man, the Jets have the worst luck” thing either. This is what the Jets do. This is who the Jets are. They make signings like this and eat huge sums of money. They hire guys like Gase for no apparent reason and then call him a “brilliant offensive mind.”

I know that Gase never wanted Bell. He made that abundantly clear. He didn’t handle it like a professional. He handled it like a child.

A professional would figure out how to get the best out of an All-Pro talent. A child complains that he doesn’t want to eat what’s in front of him and says that Bell wasn’t a great fit for my system.

But given that Gase is 0-5 this year and 20-33 in his last four seasons, maybe the problem is the system. Unless the system is called “How to get your ass kicked on a weekly basis” the system isn’t working. 

Maybe you should have a new system that can actually take advantage of an All-Pro running back.

Speaking of that allegedly awesome system, how did Gase’s former quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, look last night? Pretty damn good. Just as he has pretty much every game after he got away from Gase.

Which means we can probably expect Sam Darnold to be a Pro Bowler once he’s gotten out of Gase’s system and gotten Gase out of his system.

I’m sad to see Bell and Gase part. But I’m pumped that Gase is still doing what he does – getting blown out on a weekly basis and being irritated about pointless things.