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Leave Tom Alone, Hood

It’s not the Patriot Way, it’s the Belichick way.

April 18, 2018 - 1:48 pm

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Tom Brady has not committed to playing in 2018. I repeat, Tom Brady has not committed to playing for the Patriots this season! That is some freaking molten lava right there! 

Or at least it would be, if he didn’t chase it a second later by saying that the organization fully expects him to play. It’s just that he hasn’t committed officially to it. That’s a thing?  That’s the story?  If your goal is to get us to click … and to look at you, then it worked. I guess. Ok I’ll play along. Tom Brady might not play this season. 

What if he doesn’t play this season. Even though you know he will. What if he doesn’t?  The only thing worse than getting worked by John Lynch and the Niners in the deal for Jimmy Garoppolo because you were so convinced your hall of fame quarterback would play another five years, would be to have your hall of fame quarterback just up and quit, not long after that terrible trade, leaving you without either player.

And the only thing even worse than that, would be your hall of famer quitting because he’s sick of the head coach, and the fact that he hates the trainer who helped  that hall of famer continue to play at the highest level even into his 40s. Worst of all, the thing that may be driving arguably the greatest player ever away from the game before he wants to go, is the thing that allegedly made this dynasty in the first place: the Patriot Way. If this story, if it’s a story at all, is to be believed, it’s that Brady could bolt… and not because he can no longer play the game at a high level. And not because he lost his will to prepare. And not because of injury. But because he’s sick of Belichick and the Patriot Way. And he’s not the only one either. So is Rob Gronkowski reportedly, who hasn’t reported for the offseason workout program and who also hasn’t committed to 2018. So, if Brady quits, and it says here, he won’t, but if he does, it won’t because he lost his fire for it, or wants to make up for lost time with his family; it’s because he’s sick of Belichick. And sick of Belichick fighting with his personal guru, Alex Guerrero.

One thing to get worked in a trade involving your q.b. of the future, quite another to run your hall of fame q.b. off by making him start to hate the game. That has run his entire life. That window is closing awfully quickly for the Patriots, if it hasn’t slammed shut already. Belichick is generally thought of as the best to ever do it. Maybe. But we’re going to find out how good he really is if and when he has to go to battle without Brady.  And he doesn’t lighten up, that clearly is going to be sooner than later.

And if his two best players don’t want to play, and the old man is the reason for that, the old man better look in the mirror and readjust his approach and his thinking about the Patriot Way. By it’s not the Patriot Way, it’s the Belichick way. His way or the highway.  And if he doesn’t readjust, he’s going to get burned.

All good things come to an end. But you want that dynasty to die of natural causes: you don’t want the Hood to kill it. And Belichick doesn’t change, that’s what’s going to happen. If Brady wants to do a bunch of funky stretches, have Alex rub lotion all over him and eat avocado ice cream, let him do it. Look at the guy! It works! And if his teammates make a similar commitment and it works for them, let them do it too. Or risk losing them altogether. And busting a cap in that dynasty once and for all.

If TB12 wants to do a bunch of funky stretches, have Alex rub lotion all over him and eat avocado ice cream, let him do it!