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LeBron Mural In LA Vandalized

If you’re defacing a mural of LeBron in Lakers gear, you aren’t a Lakers fan.

July 09, 2018 - 9:25 am

It’s been more than a week since LeBron announced that he was joining the Lakers, so it seems like it would be good to touch base with see how the fans are dealing with the news. And, based on the graffiti on a mural near, the answer is not good.

Sometime over the weekend, a mural of LeBron James was defaced by bitter fans. Makes sense. I mean, the last time he left Cleveland, some clowns were burning jerseys in the street, so it would make sense that this time they’d start spray painting over murals. 

Oh, wait, did I mention – this mural isn’t in Cleveland. It’s in Los Angeles. It’s near Venice Beach. Yeah, it wasn’t bitter Cleveland fans defacing the mural, it appears to have been the work of bitter Laker fans…wait, what?

Yep. Shortly after LeBron announced that he was joining the Lakers, a mural went up in Venice with LeBron in a Lakers jersey and the words “The King of LA.” Some dude on twitter who claims to be a Laker fan offered three hundred bucks for someone to deface it and sure enough, it was defaced with graffiti like “we don’t want you” “3-6” “no King” and “LeFraud.” 

Hell. Yes. Awesome. You showed him. You showed him what real basketball fans you are BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE ON YOUR TEAM.

I’m sorry. Your logic really doesn’t track here. 

The Lakers haven’t won more than 35 games in five years and you’re pissed that a good player wants to come to the team? Pissed that the best player on the planet wants to come to your team. What?!?

No, don’t come here, LeBron. We’d rather suck on our own, thank you very much. You can take your 28 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 assists per game somewhere else, thanks. 

If we were going to get someone from the Cavs, we’d prefer that it was Jordan Clarkson. He’s much more our style.  

And now is the time where I need to have a word with a certain section of fans. Notice that I didn’t say Laker fans, I said fans. Because there is a group of fans who now need to decide if they are Kobe fans or Laker fans. Sort of like how a group of fans had to decide whether they were Brett Favre fans or Packer fans. 

Because if you’re defacing a mural of LeBron in Lakers gear, you aren’t a Lakers fan. You’re just a loser. 

Your team brings in arguably the best player of all time and your response is “no king” and “we don’t want you?” What is wrong with you?

You do realize that you don’t have to choose between Kobe and LeBron, right? And that Kobe has endorsed the move and welcomed LeBron to LA? You did see that tweet, right? The one that read: ‘Welcome to the family @KingJames  #lakers4life #striveforgreatness @JeanieBuss @MagicJohnson and RP well done!!!’ 

Here’s the thing – you can like them both…no one respects the mamba more than yours truly: I get your obsession with the guy; he won five rings. But embracing LeBron, doesn’t mean you’re betraying or disrespecting Kobe. It means you’re about the team, not the guy. It’s ok to like other players. Just like you can like James Worthy and Robert Horry. Or Kurt Rambis and Elden Campbell. You don’t have to choose between players. 

But if you’re here to hate LeBron, because he’s not Kobe, you’re coming at it from a place of stupidity. Because no matter what LeBron does with the Lakers, it doesn’t take away from what Kobe did with the Lakers. 

LeBron is a Laker now and you need to get over it, get used to it, or just enjoy it. Those are your options. Because I doubt he’s going to see that some dope wrote “LeFraud” on a mural and say, nah, I’m going back to Cleveland, they don’t want me here. No, he’s going to see that and think you’re an idiot. And he’d be right. 

You’re taking the arrival of LeBron James worse than Cleveland took the departure of LeBron James. I can’t wait for you degenerates to buy LeBron James Laker jerseys, just to burn them. That would really show the world how much you… don’t want a good player on your team. Again your hero has welcome and embraced this dude; time to do the same. Because to not do so is not only embarrassing to you, but to the rest of us in this town as well.