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LeBron Opts Out

Also, LeBron went cliff diving in Anguilla.

June 29, 2018 - 9:57 am

LeBronWatch2018 rolls on and the latest news is that according Joe Vardon of, LeBron’s agent has informed the Cavaliers that he will not exercise his option and he will become an unrestricted free agent…. which was entirely expected. 

Also, LeBron went cliff diving in Anguilla. But before he jumped, he got himself fired up.

My guy is enjoying himself. Good for him. When you carry J. R. Smith and the rest of that crew on your back for a whole season, you’ve got to let loose at some point. Most other people would’ve jumped out a window halfway through the season, so the fact that he made it through the whole year, and now jumps off a cliff is okay by me. 

I’m not sure how high that cliff is. Just like I’m pretty sure that pre-jump speech is all a colossal joke, but you’ve got to respect how he’s handling everything before the start of free agency. He is relaxed and having fun.

Almost as much fun as Lakers Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma. Their names have been coming up in trade rumors for weeks and Hart decided to dip his toe in the waters of Lake Troll last night. He started out with this:

Tonight will be crazy…

Troll, troll, troll your boat, Josh. But even though it was a completely transparent troll job, that didn’t stop Laker fans and NBA fans from freaking out. And after it went viral, Hart circled back.

Ok calm down I’m talking about Drake’s album.

Uh-huh. Sure you were, J. That tweet got Donovan Mitchell up and on his phone, telling Josh to “Bro, just log off Twitter with four laughing emoji’s.

Seriously, Donovan? He can’t do that. You had your slam dunk competition and you’re incredible showing in the playoffs. This is Josh Hart’s slam dunk competition, all-star weekend, and playoffs all rolled into one. He’s not logging off now. 

And he proved it by responding to Donovan with: Can’t even live my life without the fake social media analysts.

Then Kyle Kuzma came flying in with: Yo @joshhart how much attention do you want sheesh dog lol

First off, I’m not sure if you’re the guy who should be asking that question, Kuz. Not after you fired off the “first domino” tweet a few days ago. And not after you chased this question with another tweet a few hours later that just read: Nonstop.

But if you ask Josh Hart the question, you’re going to get an answer. And that answer was: We both know I’m a loser and do nothing else but hoop and play video games....I thrive at times like these

Fantastic. I fully approve. LeBron goes cliff diving and these guys go trolling. Because both of these guys know that this is their time on twitter. The sharks are circling, they’re desperate for something, anything, and Josh and Kyle know that even the vaguest, most general tweet ever, will get crazy run and crazy reaction. It’s genius. Keep on capitalizing, fellas. 

The vaguer the better. Honestly, if anything, “nonstop” is too specific. Just go even more vague. Just a few random letters. Or some random numbers. Let the internet gumshoes figure it out. Give them something to chew on. Or get really specific and start tweeting out flight details to San Antonio. That would melt Twitter into a puddle. 

Whatever you do, do you. The Twitter sun won’t shine forever, but you might as well make hay while it does.